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GCPS Admin
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Good evening and welcome to another 3rd Sphere Channel News broadcast.

We bring you a Frontline Report surrounding news of a high priority, encrypted transmission received by a GCPS military vessel in regarding disturbing circumstances on a remote planet just off the Mariana Curtain. Details are sketchy at this stage as our sources continue to work on decrypting the excerpt of the transmission we have, but the information we’ve received so far tells us that all is not well on the surface and GCPS Command are supposedly reviewing the status of the planet.

We know that the planet – called Starfall – has recently been acquired by the Damrod Mining Corporation where extensive exploitation rights have been granted. Coupled with a recent history of severe seismic activity on the surface, it seems that the company may have jumped in too deep and ill-prepared for what met them on the ground.

We’ll have more details as we get them…


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