NMM Breaking News – Containment Protocol or Not?

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Good evening, I’m Chad Connor and you’re watching the 27 ‘o’ clock news with New Mazon Media.

Containment Protocol or Not?

Despite numerous warnings from approved news outlets, advice not to enter Starfall’s orbit has been ignored. Since Containment Protocols were enforced two days ago, GCPS comms posts on the planet’s surface have reported increasingly hostile conditions.

Initially, a small band of Rebs sympathisers were keen to make their mark on the planet. The dark data streams showing Yndij troopers holding back the Nameless threat were clearly a fabric of Rebs propaganda. GCPS citizens are advised to watch only Corporation-approved news broadcasts to ensure they’re receiving accurate information. Chad would never lie to you, dear citizen.

In response to the increasing Rebs problem on Starfall, our brave Enforcers and GCPS troopers fought back to protect the key landing location, Command Post Delta. However, despite their efforts to hold back the Rebs, a new menace has surfaced: the Plague. Although there were no immediate reports of a Plague outbreak on Starfall, it appears this terrible infection is beginning to take its toll on the warzone. Thank goodness for the previously unknown Mazon Labs facility on Starfall. These hard-working boffins are no doubt doing their best to bring the Plague contagion under control. We salute you men and women of science. You are the unspoken heroes of warfare.

But it’s not all bad news. We’ve received confirmation from GCPS troops on the planet that the diminutive Forge Fathers are falling short in their mission to gain a foothold on Starfall. Perhaps taking on the Nameless creatures is too much of a tall order? We can only hope the rumours that esteemed Forge Father leader Forge Lord Ronald Rentonsen is due to land on the planet next week are pure speculation.

I’m Chad Connor, and that was your breaking news. Next, we review DreadBall Captain, Wildcard’s most scandalous outfits. You don’t want to miss number six! And now a word from our sponsor, Mazon Labs…



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