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About Website Status Updates

This article is a way to keep players and users informed on the status of the website in regards any technical faults being experienced, common issues encountered and a general round-up of “what’s going on?” in terms of user experience here on

We’ll keep a timestamp next to the Known Issues so you can track whether the issue is still active whilst also provide details on any workarounds in place.

If you need to find this information in the future, you’ll find it under the menu option INTRO > SYSTEM INFO



  1. Known Issue #1 – Can’t Edit User Profile
  2. Common Problem # 1 – Photos not attaching to Battle Report/Hobby Project/Game Store

Read on below for the details on each of the items on the Summary List.



Also Known As: edit my profile image / upload new profile image / change my password / edit my account
Platform it Affects: desktop browser
Timestamp: 23/08/2018
Status: ACTIVE

ISSUE: grey COG edit icon that displays to the right of profile image does not work

DESCRIPTION: There is a known issue in regards the grey COG edit icon that displays to the right of your profile image under the Profile > User Profile page. Clicking on the COG icon does not work. This occurs when a user’s internet browser is maximized to full screen. The link associated with the COG icon is not recognizing the users input/button click.

WORKAROUND: Users can adjust their browser size to allow the COG edit icon to be selectable.

HOW-TO: Go to the top-right corner of your browser and click the Restore Down button (this is the middle button, next to the red X, that looks like two boxes overlapping). This will adjust your browser size slightly. Drag the edge of your browser to reduce it’s size  until it is about the width of a tablet screen/50-60% of full width.
Now, return to the COG edit icon again (browser remaining in this reduced size) and click it. The drop down edit menu will now appear as normal. You can now maximize the browser screen again and the COG edit icon will continue to work as normal until the screen is refreshed or you navigate away from the User Profile page.

ANYTHING ELSE? This workaround also fixes a similar issue with a menu to change your profile image. Once the steps above are applied, clicking on the profile image itself (inside the circle) will allow a separate Upload photo menu  to appear.

Q: Does this affect my mobile or tablet device?
A: No. There were originally issues with mobile devices on day 1 but these have been resolved and the only known bug in this area is associated with desktop users accessing the COG edit icon.
Q: How do I change my profile image/photo?
A: Apply the same steps in the above workaround but instead of clicking on the COG edit icon, click on the profile image itself and a separate Upload photo menu will appear that allows you to upload a new profile image (max size =1.9MB).


> COMMON PROBLEMS #1 – My Battle Report / Hobby Project photos do not attach/display

If you’ve been trying to upload an image with a Hobby Project, Battle Report or adding a Game Store to the site but after hitting the Save Changes submit button they don’t appear in your article (or it doesn’t let you proceed if one of the images is a required field), here is the explanation why.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: After clicking on the ADD IMAGE button and selecting the image file you want to attach, you should see a small “thumbnail” version of the image displayed with it’s name below it. If there is no thumbnail displayed, then an image will not be attached.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? The image you are trying to attach is too large. There is a maximum file size limit of 2MB for attaching images to articles. Please reduce your image size before attempting to add/upload it.

Q: Why does it let me proceed with no images?
A: We wanted player access and involvement to be as free-form as possible and allow players to tell their stories as they see fit. That means we don’t require an image to be displayed with any Battle Report or Game Store entry and only 1 image is needed for a valid Hobby Project entry. Images that are too big to upload are simply discarded and the system assumes you are choosing not to add anything in that instance.


If you encounter any other issues with the website that are not described above, please head to the SUBMIT SUPPORT TICKET page and tell us about your issue.

Thanks for taking part!




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