Hobby Commendation – Week 1: Players Win Prizes!

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As promised before the campaign kicked off, each week we’ll be dishing out some prizes to participants in the campaign. The prizes will be handed out for a range of reasons, including nicely painted strike teams, great battle reports or for just taking part in the campaign itself.

This week we have 3 awards, congratulations to the following player/s:

Week 1 : Hobby Commendation for Services to STARFALL


Nicodemus Sandberg
Awarded for our favourite battle report of the week, you can read it here: First Contact – The Noble and the Guns for Hire

Marijn Bierhof
Awarded for our favourite Strike Team of the week was Marijn’s Asterians. He’s posted a number of updates showing of his wonderful models. Take a look at some of them here and make sure to check out his other posts too: The Bringers of Balance

Joseph Russo
Awarded to our randomly selected campaign participant (for campaign engagement and logging game results).



In order to redeem your prize, could all winners please email robert.burman@manticgames.com with the heading “Battle for Starfall Prizes”.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize, keep taking part and engaging with the Battle for Starfall campaign via the website and we’ll have more awards & prizes announced next week.

Thanks to everyone that has taken part in the campaign so far, we can’t wait to read more battle reports and see more strike teams and deadzone hobby projects!


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