Field Transmission: Forging the Storm

GCPS Admin
GCPS Admin
I am the GCPS

“Commander! We’ve intercepted a field transmission from Devil’s Run… permission to play sir?”

“Permission Granted”



//intercepted transmission
//encryption broken
//message begins


Lord Resterfusson, my comms will be brief… the weather [static] continues to cause [static] -lems. We have moved [static] operations to the co-ordinates encrypted within this transmission. The fight has moved [static] known here on the planet as Devil’s Run.

Conditions are severe. The weather changes at a moment’s notice. One minute [static] lightning, the next driving rain. The Artificers blame the Marianans’ machinery. We will gather as many resources from Devil’s Run as we can, before attempting to acquire a sample.

It’s not all bad [static] -ough. We are making progress to secure Devil’s Run. The Enforcers appear to be caught [static] the Plague insurgency at Delta. If we can crush the Marianans, I believe Devil’s Run could be ours.

Heh, the weather has changed again. The clouds have cleared, leaving baking sunshine. I fear for the planet’s integrity if this continues. The ground frequently rumbles under our feet and buildings crumble around us. What a place.

We have also seen increased Asterian activity around Devil’s Run though. Not sure even they could bring balance to this planet. So far they have not hindered our progress, but only time will tell.

Huscarl Sanstersson





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