Location Intel – Veer-myn Nest Disturbed!

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Week 3 Special Rules – Protect the Nest!

The Veer-myn colony on Starfall isn’t going to let their nest be overrun by invaders (or by rival Veer-myn broods). As such, any firefights in the area surrounding Mining Facility J28 are likely to attract unwanted attention from the resident Veer-myn population.



Campaign Effects:

The rules below give you a new way to play with Veer-myn Stalkers as neutral forces that will attack both sides during fighting. Veer-myn Stalkers use the unit profile from Page 75 of the Deadzone Outbreak supplement.



At the start of each round roll a dice:

> On a result of 1-4 spawn no Stalkers
> On a result of 5-8 spawn two Stalkers

To determine where they spawn, roll 2 dice, one for a random column and one for a random row, to give a grid reference.
If the cube features a stack, the Stalkers are spawned in the highest cube (if the models cannot be placed due to cube capacity issues then spawn the maximum allowed by the terrain up to the limit rolled).
If the Stalker is spawned in a cube with a Strike Team model already in it, then the Stalker will make an immediate Fight action (with a +1 dice bonus for moving in).



At the end of the round, and starting with the player with Initiative, each player activates Stalkers one at a time until all Stalkers have been activated.
Each Stalker can make either a Move or Shoot action.
Stalkers that are in a cube with a Strike Team member can only make a Fight action.
If there is more than one model eligible to be attacked, the activating player chooses which model the Stalker attacks.
The only action a Pinned Stalker can make is to Stand Up.
Fight actions resulting from Move or Stand Up actions occur as normal.



Stalkers can be targeted by a Shoot or a Fight action as normal.
If a model moves into a cube with a Stalker, it generates a Fight action.
In both circumstances, the attacking player rolls for the active model, while the inactive player rolls on behalf of the Stalker.
If the Stalker is killed, it is removed from play and generates 1VP for the player removing it.



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