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Fighting continues to rage across the surface of Starfall, with new locations being revealed offering new opportunities for factions to stake their claim where they’ve previously failed to exert an influence thus far.

Let’s run through a summary of how things stand as of now for data entered up to and including 04/09/2018:




Current Control: GCPS (26%)

A consistent and sustained defence of this location from the GCPS has seen them nullify the previous Plague outbreak that ran amok at Command Post Delta in Week 1. The GCPS now sit at twice the wins % of the closest other faction (the Plague), making this location a considerable stronghold for them.

But will concerted efforts here allow other factions to take and hold the newer locations that could ultimately cede overall control of Starfall from the GCPS’ hands?

The Forge Fathers have seen some consolidation of their previously poor start to the campaign. They and the Nameless are at almost 10% of the wins for this location, but that solid performance is still behind the Plague and they all pale in comparison to the GCPS dominance.

Can or will anyone try to wrestle control from the GCPS here or is it worth contesting? To not contest it would allow the GCPS to continually reinforce their position and make it easier for them to grab a newer location that could see them control a majority of the planets locations and win the campaign.




Current Control: Forge Fathers (20%)

25% of all battles have now been fought at Devil’s Run, the Week 2 location of the campaign. The Forge Fathers made a chancey grab for this location after posting poor results in Command Post Delta, but the gamble looks to have paid off as they exert a strong grip of control since those early days, currently at 5% higher then the GCPS.

The Enforcers and Nameless are closely matched to potentially push into 2nd spot for this location should the GCPS take their eye off the ball. But does that really matter in the grander scheme of the campaign? 2nd place is still a losing position and the focus should firmly be on whether anyone can peg back the Forge Fathers current control.




Current Control: Nameless (26%)

The Battle for Starfall Week 3 location reveal, and whilst it is early days with only approx. 4% of total battles fought here, the results so far for this new location show increased Nameless activity with them currently siting at 26% of the wins in this industrial heartland of the planet.

The GCPS and Plague continue to vie for position, both matched at 21%, carefully poised to make a move for control should the Nameless focus on this location falter.

The Enforcers look to have adjusted their attention and are posting some solid results here, but like their performance across the board for the campaign, they need to dramatically increase their efficiency in winning battles to be able to have an influence.




As it stands, there are 3 different factions each controlling a single location. With no majority location control on the planet surface, the overall planetary status data begins to have an influence on the campaign.

The very strong showing by the GCPS in Command Post Delta becomes telling in this situation, their overall Planet Status performance level of 20% would see them break the tiebreak in location terms and determine them in control of the planet were the campaign to end today.




At this stage, whilst much of the fighting remains ahead, factions and their commanders need to consider two things:

1) Attempt to reduce the overall GCPS Planet Status performance level to offer a better contest for winning the campaign should the individual locations control end in stalemate, or…

2) Make a grab for control of more locations then the GCPS so that the Planet Status performance level does not get to have an influence on who wins the campaign overall.


There is still much to fight for and yet more to be revealed in the Battle for Starfall!



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