Hobby Commendation – Week 2: Awards Inbound!

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GCPS Admin
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Hello commanders! We’ve had another great week on the Deadzone campaign – even if the Marauders do currently need a bit of a helping hand

Anyway, once again we’ve been blown away by all the super battle reports and hobby entries. We’ve really enjoyed seeing your painted Strike Teams and reading the battle reports. It’s wonderful to see so many creative participants out there.

Well, enough with the gushing. Just like last week we’ve read through the reports and looked at all the hobby projects to pick some of our favourites. The winners are listed below.

Week 2 : Hobby Commendation for Services to STARFALL


Julien Criton
Just look at these amazing Enforcers *drools*

Assault Enforcer Hawke
We’ve actually been following Assault Enforcer Hawke’s comic-style battle reports for a while, so were delighted to see them pop up on the campaign site too – check out the Hawke Report Extra.

Alice Granger
Finally, our random player of the week is Alice Granger!
(Remember, the more time you play, the more chances you’ll have to win the random player.)


In order to redeem your prize, could all winners please email robert.burman@manticgames.com with the heading “Battle for Starfall Prizes”.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize, keep taking part and engaging with the Battle for Starfall campaign via the website and we’ll have more awards & prizes announced next week.

Thanks to everyone that has taken part in the campaign so far, we’re really enjoying the content the community is creating and sharing and look forward to more over the weeks ahead!


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