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And on the fighting goes, the previously remote and uninteresting Starfall is rife with battles between Strike Teams vying for its control and that of the locations that warfare has so far spilled into. And just as the dust begins to settle on the current battlegrounds, a new location looms on the horizon to only mix things up further.

Let’s run through a summary of the battle status for data entered up to and including 09/09/2018:




Current Control: GCPS (26.2%)

Continued and consistent are the keywords in this location when it comes to the GCPS. They remain dominant after their earlier inroads with much of the other factions moving their focus to the newer locations where the GCPS have not been able to establish a lead and the battlegrounds are fresh and fertile for control gains.

The Plague have increased their position by a meagre 1% (14.8%), but they and others will need a big effort to claw back the GCPS and attempt to exert any influence on this location. It doesn’t look likely, but if the GCPS gain enough confidence to switch all future battle efforts in newer locations, their lead could be chipped away considerably with an efficient focus from some of the closest factions (Nameless 10%, Forge Fathers 9.7%).




Current Control: Forge Fathers (19.3%)

It is very much as you were as Week 3 draws to a close in Devil’s Run. A quarter of the battles continue to be fought here and the Forge Fathers still exert considerable control.

Their lead has dropped by 1% to the trailing GCPS (15.3%) who also have contenders drawing closer, with the Enforcers pushing up to 12.7% and the Nameless on 12%. Both are still someways off, but a wily tactician among the Strike Team Commanders might see that a new location on the horizon is likely to attract attention and older locations will become open to exploiting with fewer battles contested here.




Current Control: Forge Fathers (18.3%)

As is often expected, as the focus on this location intensified and more battles were fought as the week passed, control has swung away from the early leaders in the Nameless and now sits with the Forge Fathers at a strong 18.3%. At this stage, this is the second location under their control and solidifies their performance in the campaign, despite some earlier drawbacks.

This lead in control is not unassailable however, with their lead over the Enforcers in 2nd place less then 4%. Just behind the Enforcers are 3 factions who are all tied for 3rd best performance here in the industrial heart of Starfall. The Nameless have ceded their early control and now sit at 12.2% with both the Plague and GCPS on the same. It won’t take much for any of these 3 factions make an impact at this location should they choose to sustain their efforts here into Week 4 and beyond.




Projected Control: Forge Fathers (2 locations: Devil’s Run + Damrod Mining Facility J28)

As it stands, the Forge Fathers control of 2 locations puts them in the controlling seat for the Battle for Starfall. Holding 2 locations grants them an early majority on the planet and the 3 locations that make the planets battlegrounds thus far. This majority nullifies the influence exerted by the GCPS in Command Post Delta that saw them take and continue to show 19% at the Planet Status level.

The Plague (15.1%), Forge Fathers (13.2%) and Nameless (12.4%) have all made gains in the Planet Status chart whilst the GCPS have dropped 1% (to 19%), but if the campaign were to end today, the Forge Father key location majority would see them as the faction to control Starfall.


From a Deadzone status perspective, the planet would receive an “Isolate” designation at 38.8% and be struck from GCPS records, despite the Forge Fathers individual control.

The GCPS and Council of Seven propaganda offices will be pleased to see a +30% performance (31.8%) on the planet, offering them the chance to smooth over any loss of control and drop in influence by reporting a solid defence against the combined external forces they stand against.


From the perspective of the Nameless Ul-Ug’urub and their incursion into GCPS space, current performance levels would see their campaign deemed an overall success with a strong 67.7% win rate that has contributed 12.4% of the battle wins seen on Starfall at this stage. Military action is a theme the sect can point to as being both in their interest and achievable.




With a new location about to be revealed, the status of the planet, either by location majority or faction planetary status is sure to be influenced and change with the week ahead and the battles that ensue.

Will Commanders seek to mop-up wins in lesser contested, older locations and leave the newer locations to the most volatile battles and results? Or is a fresh battleground the ideal place to stake your claim for your faction and the planet overall, forming a foundation for future gains in the days and weeks ahead?

The Battle for Starfall continues unabated… what will you do?


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