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The Battle for Starfall rages on, the various factions of the Warpath Universe that made planetfall before the Deadzone was initiated are now involved in tense firefights across the various key locations of the planet.

With the Deadzone summer campaign entering Week 4 and players having got themselves accustomed to the website and format of the campaign, now is a good time to recap on what everyone is fighting for and offer some extra focus on how factions, regardless of performance so far, can have an influence in the weeks ahead.

We’ve touched on some of these details before, but extra clarity and focus is never a bad thing, particularly in the midst of a Deadzone!



Campaign Goals & a Multi-Threaded Narrative

Taking control of Starfall is the focal point of the campaign, being the battefront that all the gameplay action ultimately influences. But the campaign is not just about who wins the planet – there are multiple narratives involved, each with their own outcomes that players games and results will impact. These multiple narrative threads are also the Campaign Goals:

A) Overall Control of Starfall
B) The Nameless Incursion
C) Faction Performance


Campaign Goal A: Overall Control of Starfall

This goal is the main narrative element and the most straightforward in terms of what factions are fighting for. Whoever wins the campaign overall, will control the planet and this will be reflected in terms of the factions influence in the Warpath Universe’s continuing storyline.


Overall Control is determined by the faction that has control of the most individual locations on the campaign map. Where there is no clear location control majority, the faction with best performance on the Planetary Influence chart will act as the tiebreak.

With 10 factions involved in the campaign and a new location revealed each week over the 6-week campaign, it will prove difficult for any one faction to claim multiple locations and retain them, so each and every battle, and where they are fought will count!


Campaign Goal B: The Nameless Incursion

The second of the campaign goals is another key narrative element in regards the ascendancy (or not) of the Ul-Ug’urub sect as the strong voice in Nameless society and the directors of their increased military actions within the Warpath Universe storyline. All games that feature the Nameless count towards this goal and determining the level of success of their incursion into GCPS space.


All Wins, Losses and Draws are counted for and against the Nameless. For the incursion to be deemed a success for the aggressive Ul-Ug’urub, they need to achieve a Wins rate % greater than or equal to 51%. Less then this and the incursion will be deemed a failure.

This campaign goal will shape the influence and impact of the Nameless in the game going forwards – achieve it and there will be a greater Nameless presence, fail and the sect and their militaristic influence will diminish.


Campaign Goal C: Faction Performance

The third of our primary campaign goals, this is a straightforward measurement to see what faction contributes the best performance over the course of the campaign. Perhaps you can’t take control of Starfall? Perhaps you can’t stop the Nameless Incursion being a success? But you can fight for your faction! Fight and win and you will be influencing your factions campaign standing.


This goal counts all Wins recorded by each faction and measures them as a percentage of the Total Wins in the campaign. The best overall contribution (plus a little secret “data” sauce) from a single faction will see them achieving this campaign goal and their recognition of Best Faction Performance.


But What Are We Really Fighting For?

So those are the 3 Campaign Goals, each of which use players direct game results to determine the outcomes. The result of each campaign goal will be written into the ongoing and evolving Warpath Universe storyline – your actions will impact the world (and worlds) in which we all play.

But that’s not all, the factions that achieve each Campaign Goal will receive a material reward, be that from a hobby and/or gameplay perspective.
The campaign isn’t predetermined, so the specifics of what a faction may receive hasn’t been bottomed out until the results are in and verified, but faction specific content, beyond the updated storyline is planned.


So grab your Strike Team, select a Location to battle in and fight for Starfall! Its fate and other outcomes depend on you!


NOTE: If data is your thing and you need more information on the various charts displayed on the Campaign Hub page, head over to this article for deeper analysis: Campaign Data Breakdown



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