Hobby Commendation – Week 3: A walk down Winners Row

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Hey Deadzone Campaigners! Sorry we’re a bit late this week – getting comms out through the Enforcer blockade during a Deadzone can be a tricky business – but it’s that time again when we choose our favourite hobby projects submitted via the campaign website. Today we’re looking at people who submitted content in Week 3 of the campaign (which started September 10th, just in case you’ve lost track).

Anyway, enough rambling, let’s crack on…

Week 3 : Hobby Commendation for Services to STARFALL


Justin Wichman
For this week’s hobby content, we’ve selected something a little bit different. Justin Wichman put together this really handy guide for adding rust effects to your Deadzone scenery, check it out here: Rust Effects
It’s great to see elements like this shared during the campaign, so everyone can learn some new hobby tips.


Ruben Jochheim
For this week’s favourite Battle Report, we wanted to say well done to Ruben Jochheim! Ruben submitted a number of reports over the course of the week, but we particularly enjoyed this one: Project P7


Sid Warrener
Finally, each week we pick a random campaign participant to win a prize too. Remember, the more times you play and submit a result, the more chance you’ll have to win this prize. The winner this time is (drum roll, please…) Sid Warrener.



In order to redeem your prize, could all winners please email robert.burman@manticgames.com with the heading “Battle for Starfall Prizes”.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize, keep taking part and engaging with the Battle for Starfall campaign via the website and we’ll have more awards & prizes announced next week.

Once again, our thanks and appreciation to everyone that has engaged with the campaign so far – be that playing games and logging results, writing Battle Reports or sharing Hobby Projects, you’re really making this campaign your own and showing what a great community Deadzone has. Keep it up, we’ve a got a few weeks still to go!


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