Location Intel – A Sense of Dread at the Mazon Compound

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Week 5 Special Rules – Sense of Dread

There’s something unsettling about the Mazon Compound. Strange sounds echo through the corridors and faint whispers and the hint of sullen screams can be heard if you stand too long in one place. Even the toughest fighter can’t help but feel on edge while exploring this dark and disused area. 



Campaign Effects:

At the beginning of each round, roll one dice and add the Turn number.

If the result is 8 or higher, the Sense of Dread has reached its peak and combatants must rally themselves before activating. For this Turn Only, before a unit can perform any actions it must roll a dice.

On a result of 1, the model is marked as activated and can perform no further actions. Models with the Construct or Vehicle ability are not affected.


After this Round, the models left in play become accustomed to the surroundings and the Sense of Dread rules ceases to have any effect on play.


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