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Harsher and harder the fighting has become, the campaign and struggle for control of Starfall drifting across the northern hemisphere of the planet. Some early gains made weeks ago by some factions and their Strike Teams appear to have stuck and held in place. But the ever expanding campaign locations means that none can rest on their laurels. To defend one place too stoutly means leaving the rest open for others to exploit, build momentum and maybe slip into the lead right at the end…

Let’s take a dive into a summary of the battle status for data entered up to and including 18/09/2018:




Current Control: GCPS (23.5%)

The old reliable of the campaign at this stage, Command Post Delta remains strongly under GCPS control. They’ve seen their lead drop slightly by 2-3% but the slight gains made haven’t been a focused effort by any one faction, which leaves no-one else really any further on to catching the GCPS. 

The Plague remain in 2nd spot (14.9%) and the other factions all some way back again from that. The campaign has moved on from here and it certainly looks like other factions and their Strike Team Commanders have decided to focus on easier faction leads in other locations to bite into. The GCPS haven’t been able to muster the same defence of the other locations as they have here, so whilst Command Post Delta is an impressive performance they need more of the same if they are to control the planet overall.




Current Control: Forge Fathers (18.0%)

The Forge Fathers have been resolute in holding this location for a couple of weeks now, but it may not last. Their leads has been dwindling, and unlike Command Post Delta, a focused effort is being made by one faction to make a difference here – the Nameless.

In a previous War Report Analysis post, the Nameless were some 7% off the Forge Fathers level of control, but they look to have made a calculated effort to advance their cause among the ruins of Devil’s Run. A substantial gain of 5%, combined with the Forge Fathers dropping almost 2% control, means the Nameless sit on 17% here. Can they keep their focus and usurp the Forge Fathers and really vie for control of the planet overall?




Current Control: The Plague (19.2%)

Wrestling control of this location from the Asterians early in Week 4, the Plague have been consistently in control of this region for 6 days now, improving their control by 3% over that time. The previous back and forth between Forge Fathers and Asterians here offered a chance for the Plague to get ahead and they have taken it. It was control of this location (in addition to Fort Skar) that saw the Plague move into the overall campaign lead via Locations majority (they’d previously held overall control due to their Planet Influence performance whilst all locations were controlled by different factions).

The Forge Fathers sit in 2nd place here (15.1%), whilst the previously controlling Asterians lie one spot further back (14.4%). A push to take the lead is not beyond either of these factions, as both are performing well in respective areas (Forge Father number of battles and Asterians win rate). With a new location for Week 5 now open, the Plague may seek a surge there and leave room for a concerted push by others here. Will any commander see that opportunity however?




Current Control: Rebs (18.0%)

The Week 4 location started off with a bang and saw the Plague race ahead with a commanding 44% control. The other factions however have been consistent in their efforts and clawed this seemingly insurmountable lead back, until just last night (18/09/18) the Rebs took control by a meagre 1%. This change in control has also seen an adjustment in the overall campaign lead. The Plague have lost their locations majority and so are relying on their Planet Influence performance to stay in the overall lead. The Rebs have been fairly quiet all campaign, not unlike their insurgent nature, but they are now showing their influence. Some might say at just the right time, as the campaign begins to draw towards its end. Can they hold this location though, let alone take another?

The Plague have only just been pipped to post after commanding Fort Skar for 6 consecutive days. They are in 2nd place by only 0.7% control, so are well poised to snatch it back fro mthe Rebs if their attention is not drawn to the new location for Week 5 being revealed. The Marauders too are not completely adrift and could yet have an influence. The original owners of this battered fort, they sit on 12.7% control so an considerable, but not impossible, push would be needed from them. But if the Rebs can do it…




Current Control: Veer-Myn (40.0%)

As with any new location, the earliest of data submitted does not always reflect what is to come in the days ahead. But for now, the Veer-Myn have struck out in force and taken a large bite of control of the old Mazon Compound. A harsh species, are they possibly finding some comfort in the effects of this ill place that others are not? 

The Rebs are also showing some early influence here too, and with their control of Fort Skar is this an indication of a revolution on Starfall? They are only tied however with the perennial bickering Forge Fathers and Asterians (all on 20%), so another day of data and this location is likely to be shaken up quite abit.

Can any of the existing influential faction commanders see this window of opportunity to build their control whilst other factions are still mustering themselves to face the discomforting environment of previous Mazon research?

There’s also rumour of increased Nameless activity here in the form of a dedicated 4-Merc team exploring the vicinity – perhaps Star Saga players can make an impact on this location and the campaign overall now?



Projected Control: The Plague (via Planet Influence – 1 location: Damrod Mining Facility J28 + Influence @ 17%)

As it stands, the Plague are in control of Starfall, though only by a narrow margin. Control of the planet via Planet Influence performance, however strong that performance might be, always allows another faction to wrestle overall control for themselves by grabbing a second (or more) individual location.

The Planet Influence chart itself has seen a considerable swing in control from previous mention in Week 3. The GCPS had a commanding 19%, but as the campaign has progressed that has waned to see them now in 2nd place on 12.6%. The Plague (17.4%) performance can be contributed to a consistent effort to play games in registered Game Store locations that offers them a Wins boost via special results weighting.


From a Deadzone status perspective, the situation has got worse and the planet would receive an “Isolate” designation at 43.6% (up approx 5%) and would be struck from GCPS records, a wholly expected outcome if the Plague do remain in planetary control.

The GCPS and Council of Seven propaganda offices will be disheartened to see a now relatively poor 24.7% performance (down approx 6%) on the planet. It is hard to make a good news story out of continually diminishing returns, even when faced with the combined external forces they stand against.


From the perspective of the Nameless Ul-Ug’urub and their incursion into GCPS space, current performance levels would see their campaign deemed an overall success with a strong 64.2% win rate (down 3.5%) that has contributed 9.1% (down 3%) of the battle wins seen on Starfall at this stage. Military action is continually showing itself to be a theme the sect can point to as being both in their interest and achievable.




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