Hobby Commendation – Week 4 & 5: More, More, More!

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We’ve had a tough couple of weeks here at Starfall Mission Control – our communications continually getting intercepted by Rebel forces keen to keep the GCPS updates off the airwaves. Luckily though, we’ve taken out the rogue communications drone and we’re able to give you the Hobby Awards for weeks four AND five.

All in one shot – let’s get this done…

Week 4 & 5 : Hobby Commendation for Services to STARFALL


Marcel Popik
Marcel is a well-known name in the Deadzone community, and recently created some excellent Deadzone-themed T-shirts for the WOFcon tournament. However this award comes due to these excellent Pathfinders
This is particularly impressive because he managed to use the metal Pathfinder miniature we produce. Unfortunately, this leaping character is almost impossible to base properly – thanks to the fact he’s leaping through the air – but Marcel has achieved it. We salute you!

Sascha Stand
If you recall correctly, you’ll remember that last week we had an optional mission for people to play through Star Saga using their Nameless characters. Well, Sascha was clearly up for the job and also wrote an excellent Battle Report
The story was told extremely well, although it was a shame to see the Nameless take a beating.

Thomas Todd
We love the fact that people have been sharing hobby tips during the course of the campaign and this brief but informative tutorial on Scatter Terrain from Thomas Todd certainly caught our eye. He explains how to make the scatter terrain in the Deadzone starter set a little bit chunkier.

Kyle Underwood
Our final commendation goes to Kyle Underwood for his outstanding work on his Plague. There are a series of blogs from Kyle but we were really impressed by all the conversion work.

Pete Jones
Our Week 4 random campaign participant is Pete Jones!


Grim Alexanderson
Finally, our Week 5 random participant winner is Grim Alexanderson!



In order to redeem your prize, could all winners please email robert.burman@manticgames.com with the heading “Battle for Starfall Prizes”.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize, keep taking part and engaging with the Battle for Starfall campaign via the website.

Once again, to all of you that have engaged with the campaign so far – thank you!  We’re almost reached the end and it’s been an absolute blast. Don’t tell the Kings of War players, but we’ve seen more Deadzone campaign games played than during the Edge of the Abyss campaign last year. Oh, and the Outbreak book has already outsold Edge of Abyss. Keep that under your helmets.

It’s the last week though – so keep that fight going and take Starfall!


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