2.0 Search and Destroy with RE5-15T versus GCPS

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: John Jack vs Bill Johnson

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

John Jack
John Jack
Mantic Pathfinder from Lincoln, NE. Massive hobby enthusiast, but terrible at playing the actual games. Still continues to buy and paint toy soldiers for the sheer joy of it.




Search and Destroy & Defend the Nest/ New Mission
150 points Rebs vs GCPS
The GCPS set up after winning the Recon rolls, and after the scout maneuvers and the airborne deployment were finished the game commenced! The quick-footed Yndij were able to dispatch the advance deployed GCPS with a colossally successful round of shooting. But the advancing GCPS troops were not to be outmatched and returned a wound to the Yndij responsible. The Grogan, hefting his Onslaught cannon onto his shoulder and climbing up a building, was able to suppress the GCPS duo across the field. Another Yndij, in an attempt to secure a 1 point objective discovered a GCPS ranger lurking under a walkway. He was able to kill off the equally surprised ranger with an incredible series of cuts and stabs. The Survey Drone pair advanced forward quickly, one securing the 2 point objective and the other hovering just outside of the 1 point, just in case the Yndij fell to any enemy fire. The GCPS Strider thundered forward but was unable to adequately get in range of any targets. The Yndij Infiltrator commander called for the Teraton Pam the Bus Driver to lumber into action. Teleporting across the board to successfully claim another 1 point objective by using an Additional Move command die, Pam the Bus Driver prepared for the upcoming fight with the GCPS strider. A pair of Veermyn stalkers, attracted by the sounds of battle appeared on the board near the Rebs side.
Score Turn 1: Rebs 8 / GCPS 0

Much to her dismay, Pam the Bus Driver became the victim of a torrent of flame from the GCPS Strider, but only took a single wound from the initial attack. The Grogan, now in plain sight of several GCPS troops, fell to a hail of gunfire, along with the Rebs Troops, Corporal Stalks and his brother, the Other Corporal Stalks. The Rebel sniper, having been driven off of her perch by a GCPS drone strike, was able to meet up with her Yndij comrade and secure his AP armor piercing token. She was unable to do any damage to the advancing GCPS strider, unfortunately. The Drone, still situated on the 2 point objective, was able to withstand incoming fire. The Yndij commander was able to successfully shoot both of the Veermyn on his half of the field, with the help of an additional Shoot command die. 2 more Veermyn, attracted by the pitiful death screeches of their brethren, showed up in exactly the same place.
Score Turn 2: Rebs 14 / GCPS 3

A twist of fate! Pam the Bus Driver was unable to put out her flames and instead of tearing the lumbering death machine to pieces, succumbed to her additional wounds. The second Drone was able to secure an additional 1 point objective by surviving a series of terrible dice rolls on the part of the GCPS sergeant shooting at it. The GCPS Strider moved forward and proceeded to pound the pesky Survey Drone to pieces, thereby securing the 2 point objective. The rebel sniper, now in the open, was taken out by another GCPS drone strike. The Yndij Commander was only able to kill off 1 of the 2 Veermyn on his side of the table and was forced to call for assistance from a brother Yndij. This poor soul was torn apart by the apparently frenzied/terrified Veermyn, and a GCPS ranger was able to shoot the Yndij Commander through a doorway. The only surviving member of the Rebs team that was able to secure the final victory point was the second Survey Drone.
Final Score: Rebs 16 / GCPS 14

The initial massive surge forward by the Rebs in the early stages of the game belied the end result, which turned out to be a massive swing by the GCPS to close the gap in a single turn! It ain’t over til it’s over!


Rebs WIN


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