Example Battle Report

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Rob Burman vs Martin Thirlwell

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts




Captain Kurtz eyed the opponent carefully. He’d never seen anything quite like it. A writing mass of teeth, tentacles and claws. But behind the black eyes of his foe, there was a dark malevolence and chilling sense of cunning. He shuddered, hoping that none of his commandos noticed his discomfort. He wasn’t the only one though, even the Mawbeasts seemed to lack their usual enthusiasm to get stuck in. Still, he had a job to do. “Lock ‘n’ load!” he roared, over the sound of the Stuntbot’s buzzsaw firing into life. In the distance something bellowed in response.

In this example battle report, we’re giving you a taste of the battle reporting function on the campaign site. Hopefully it will provide a little inspiration and you can most certainly do better!. Rob from Mantic and Martin (also from Mantic) played a 200pts game featuring Marauders (Rob) versus Nameless (Martin). The mission was Patrol – the first from the summer campaign – and the target VPs were 20pts.
For the full list of what units we took in our strike teams, make sure you read the blog entries over on the Mantic Blog.

Rob won the Recon Test and chose to set-up first. In fact, he didn’t just win it, he obliterated the roll and scored five more successes than Martin. This meant he was able to roll five times on the Recon Effects table. This allowed him to move his goblin sniper into a great position inside a tower – readying the little greenskin for some sniping action in turn one.


Rob’s first action saw the Ripper Rainmaker launch into action… literally. He sent a Rocket Salvo towards a cube holding three Scuttlers and an Inker. All survived the initial attack, but they were pinned. Next Rob played an extra activation Command Die on his Goblin Sniper. The plucky chap had a clear shot on one of Martin’s Riflemen, so eagerly took the shot. Unfortunately, despite having 8(!) dice, he only caused one wound. Rob then used his Captain’s Splat to steal one of Martin’s extra shoot dice and tried again. This time he scored five results, which Martin failed to save, and the Rifleman went down in a flurry of tentacles. Two VPs to Rob.

Next Martin spread a few Triclinic Shards around the Marauders – targeting a Commando and Ripper Rainmaker (while also causing two wounds). Rob, meanwhile, didn’t really do a great deal and instead started positioning his Marauders.

Sadly, after his success earlier, the Goblin Sniper’s celebrations were short lived. Another Rifleman took aim at the diminutive shooter and – thanks to a raft of exploding 8s from Martin – he was quickly taken down. Two VPs to Martin and a big loss for Rob. Shortly after this, Martin picked up a piece of Intel, taking the score to 3VPs versus 2.

For the rest of the turn Rob used his Mawbeasts to start grabbing objectives. One headed to the 1VP in the bottom left, another dashed to the 2VPs near the centre left and a final one went towards the 2VPs counter in the middle right. Sensing a heavy loss of VPs, Martin bravely sent his Assassin into combat with the Mawbeast closest to his deployment zone. The pair squared up to each other – both choosing to Fight – but the claws and teeth must have been blunt because there was no damage caused. However, it did stop Rob scoring a further two VPs.
At the end of turn one, it was Rob on 5VPs and Martin on 3VPs.

Rob finished first in turn one, which meant he had the opportunity to have the first activation in turn two. Mildly annoyed that the Assassin had disrupted his plan to capture more VPs, Rob readied the Ripper Mauler for action. The buzzsaw quickly chewed through the Assassin’s claws, killing it instantly. A further two VPs for Rob and it cleared the objective.

After that it started to get pretty bloody! Martin’s Gunslinger moved further up the battlefield to take a shot at the Mawbeast on the 2VPs objective. The Gunslinger is handy at shooting, thanks to a 5+ stat and Weight of Fire(1), so dispatched the Mawbeast with relative ease. This took the VPs to 7 (Rob) versus 4 (Martin).

Worried that the Scuttlers could start causing trouble for his Mawbeast and Mauler towards Martin’s deployment zone, Rob used one of his Commandos to Fire for Effect and pin a couple of the nasty Nameless. After rolling five successes, two of the nearest Scuttlers went belly up, which meant they wouldn’t be able to reach the Mawbeast and Mauler.

Over on the other side of the board, Martin began positioning a few more of his Nameless in preparation for some nefarious plots. Meanwhile, Rob clearly had a deathwish because he charged the Mawbeast that was previously protecting the 2VPs objective marker straight into combat with a lone Scuttler standing on the back edge of the playing area. Yes, the Mawbeast did kill the Scuttler – taking the score to 8VPs – but Rob forgot about the two other Scuttlers he’d previously pinned and didn’t spot a Caratid hiding behind a building.

With a devious chuckle, Martin started ploughing his units into combat. The Mawbeast survived an attack from a Caratid. It even survived an attack from a Scuttler teamed up with the Caratid. However, the final combination of one Caratid and two Scuttlers proved too much, and the Mawbeast went down in a howl of agony, after Martin rolled seven dice (three standard, one for moving in, one for the injured Mawbeast, one for the Caratid and an extra one due to the Scuttler’s Horde ability). Poor Mawbeast. This took the score to 5VPs for Martin, but he needed to throw a lot of units into the Mawbeast just to take it down.

Back in the centre of the board and Rob’s Ripper Rainmaker used an extra move command die to allow it to climb up onto a building. Using the height advantage, it was able to kill a Caratid that had foolishly stood unguarded on the 2VPs objective marker. With this latest kill, Rob had begun to pull away on the VPs, with 9VPs, compared to Martin’s 5. With no more enemies in range, Martin put his remaining units in cover, however one poor Scuttler couldn’t scuttle away in time and a rampaging Mawbeast chomped it to bits, taking Rob to a decent 10VPs.

However, this all paled in comparison to the biggest potential rumble in the game. After not doing a great deal in the initial turn, Martin’s mighty Ogre made a statement by moving right into the centre of the battlefield. Thanks to its ‘come at me bro’ attitude, Rob stupidly sent his Stuntbot into combat with the clawed beast. Rob had the dice advantage (three standard, one extra for size and one extra for moving in) but Martin’s Ogre had the stat advantage, hitting on 3+ (and he chucked an extra die in, thanks to his command dice). It was set up for an epic scrap… but Martin only rolled three successes and Rob rolled two, which meant the Stuntbot’s armour just managed to block the rampaging Ogre. Oh…

And with that massive let down, turn two was over. Sadly at this point our intrepid players had to return to doing some proper work, so they called it a day. Martin had five VPs, while Rob snagged a couple of extra objectives to take his score to 14VPs. A great game… and Martin has vowed revenge.


Marauders WIN


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