AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Mazon Labs



This was our first game for the campaign and of Deadzone at all.
My opponent wanted to use his newly painted miniatures. He decided that his forces would be from an not well known alien race with good connections to the Star Realm. So he used the Enforcer List, but he fought for the Rebs. He brought an Enforcer Captain with Defender Shield and Laser Rifle, two Assault Enforcers (one with Frag Grenade, one with a Combat Shotgun) and an Enfrocer Specialist with Burst Laser and Ammo.
I used my Star Saga miniatures to depict my Soylent Corp Private Security, this time working for Mazon Labs. I brought Guard Commander Graves with Laser Rifle, two Lab Technicians, two Security Guards, one Black Wing Marine, one Black Wing Specialist with Flamethrower and two Plague Victims.

We played the Mission Patrol 2.0.

Author: Guard Commander Robert Thorn
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, Testing Grounds 244c-1a (near Damrod Corporation’s Command Post Delta)
Subject: Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs)
Status: active

We were on our way to test which of the newly developed ingredients would prove to be the more effective. The ingredients were injected into the volunteers but shortly after that we were attacked by an alien force. I am not familiar with the species, but the humanoids are best described as walking red monkeys with white hair.

We advanced to meet them. The first shots we fired at their leader seemed to have little to no effect. But their return fire was not too impressive either. The Marine that accompanied us was only wounded by a weapon that looked familiar to a Enforcer Burst Laser. One of my Security Guards accomplished to secure a forward position for us, but on the right flank we were surprised by the appearance of an alien trooper, that was equipped with close combat gear.

This alien assault trooper then threw a grenade right in the center of our troops, but the explosion only wounded one of the Lab Technicians and hurled him and one of the now fully transformed volunteers through the air. The alien tried to use the confusion to kill our cleaner, but the Flamethrower was not damaged and its user was only slightly wounded.
The attack on our left flank was more successful as another assault trooper killed my Security Guard there and our Marine was finally killed by the Burst Laser wielding alien.
Both volunteers failed to damage their respective targets, the leader alien on the left flank and the assault trooper in our midst. The ingredients clearly do not amplify the aggression of the test subjects enough.
I managed to pin down the assault trooper that killed my Guard on the left flank, but the rest of our shots were of little effect as was the return fire of the enemy.
The Lab Technician on the left tried to retain control of the forward position were my Guard was killed, but he could not drive the alien assault trooper away.

Shortly after that we lost our volunteer and our Lab Technician on the left flank as the enemy leader killed them in a row.
The enemy assault trooper left its leader alone and tried to kill our remaining Lab Technician on the right, but it failed. Our remaining volunteer however was more successful as he finally managed to kill the assault trooper in our midst.
My Security Guard on our far right flank was driven into cover by heavy fire of the enemy specialist, while the shots of our Flamethrower and me could not penetrate the armor of the enemy leader.

The enemy specialist opened fire on our Flamethrower but was not able to damage it and the assault trooper that was in melee with our Lab Technician somehow managed to get killed by the civilian.
Obviously totally surprised the Lab Technician hesitated, which cost him his live as the enemy leader took notice of that.
I then tried to cover the advance of our volunteer as he charged the leader. But nether my fire nor the attacks of the volunteer could harm or even impress it. After it through the dead body of our volunteer of the building our Flamethrower tried to kill the leader, but this was also in vain.
My Security Guard advanced to the forward position were the Lab Technician was killed just seconds ago and acquired the frag grenade which the civillian had found but not used.

The enemy specialist finally managed to destroy our Flamethrower. The user was killed too.
Surviving the attempt of their leader to kill him, my Guard threw the frag grenade at it and managed to hurl it of the building. Unfortunatly the leader was not wounded by that or the two whole magazines I emptied into its chest.

While returning to the forward position the leader managed to kill my last Guard.
I then advanced to meet it in close combat, but was not able to hurt it this way either.

With all assets in the field lost, I decided to withdraw and return with reinforcements to collect the bodies for further processing. We especially need to examine the volunteers to to figure out what was wrong with these ingredients. In the current state they are not suitable for a profitable product.

(The game ended 12-10 for the Rebs.)


Rebs WIN


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