Advance Scouting by RE5-15T, mission report

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: John Jack vs Bill Johnsons

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 125pts

John Jack
John Jack
Mantic Pathfinder from Lincoln, NE. Massive hobby enthusiast, but terrible at playing the actual games. Still continues to buy and paint toy soldiers for the sheer joy of it.




The Rebel team RE5-15T, tasked with advance scouting of the Command Post Delta area arrives under cover of evening. Yndij Captain Yuu’ri, flanked by his Yndij bretheren; the twins Ka’al and Ma’al and their cousin Mora’tu; along with Corporal Stalks, a newly recruited trooper and his protector, the Teraton known as Pam the Bus Driver, make their way through a damaged section adjacent to the main area of Command Post Delta. They are unaware that their presence has been detected by a strike team of GCPS troopers who have been deployed from a dropship in the immediate vicinity.

After a careful advance the Yndij are able to spot the sniper and catch him unaware. In a flurry of combat blades, the sniper falls to the Yndij brothers, dispatching him with ease like a single, savage being. His death screams alert the other sniper, positioned yards away. He takes careful aim and expertly removes the brothers from the battlefield with two shots.

Advancing across the field to gain cover, Captain Yuu’ri, successfully avoids detection by the GCPS troops. Corporal Stalks cautiously checks ahead to cover Pam the Bus Driver’s advance through the rubble, unaware that the GCPS Sergeant and his fellow troops lie in wait just across the open area.

The GCPS troops continue to advance on the Rebels. Making their way through the damaged buildings, remaining under cover and out of line of sight. The GCPS sergeant, unimpressed by the juggernaut that is known as Pam the Bus Driver, unleashes a barrage of fire that nearly cripples her advance. Corporal Stalks, unable to draw a bead on the sergeant, waits for his moment to fire. The GCPS sergeant and Pam, now engaged in a swirling melee, exchange wounds. As Pam raises her ceremonial blades to deal the death blow to the faltering sergeant, she is shot in the back by the GCPS sniper.

Captain Yuu’ri, advancing through the rubble to take aim at the concealed GCPS troopers, is able to deftly dispatch the nearest man. His comrade, alerted by the sudden, vicious eruption of his partners helmet, is able to duck for cover in time to miss meeting the Captains second shot. Drawing the attention of the GCPS sniper on the roof, the Yndij Captain is taken down and Corporal Stalks is left to retrieve and bandage the bodies of his fallen comrades.

The GCPS troops withdraw, having scoured the area for any survivors. The Rebel team RE5-15T, is left behind, broken and bleeding, but, incredibly, still alive. Corporal Stalks was quite adept at repairing his damaged comrades and called for their pickup.




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