Ambush on Soylent

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts



Mazon Labs

Spaz jumped in front of her, Sarah almost spilled her lunch all over him.
“Spaz, what is it?”
“More of them Sarah.”
The Zee looked really distressed.
“Don´t worry, I´ll take care of them.”
She just had said that, as four of the large Chem-Pan-Sey entered the cave which served as mess hall. Their muscular frames and red faces sent shivers through most of her troopers. She stood to face them, one was limping and supported by a female, the first one she saw of them. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and struck it, the appearant leader returned the gesture, with what might be a smile.

“You must be Commander Shizuka. I am Nekejat, our first told me to report skirmishes to you.”
“You are correct. I see, you have a wounded. We have a proficient Judwan medic here.”

He moved his apeish face slightly to the left, which seemed enough as confirmation to Sarah. She turned to a trooper close by.

“Corporal McKensky, bring these two to Jaralosh.”
“Yes, Mam.”

He got up and walked away, the female and the hurt Chem-Pan-Sey followed.

“We ambushed a patrol of the Soylent men, as they wanted to retrieve the remains of their men killed by our first. (See my 1st battle report) We were in waiting when they came close.”

(So our 2nd game of Deadzone, Patrol again both with new lists to test. Don´t be confused I use Enforcer rules for my alien schocktroops ;) I brought a Sergeant with Rifle, 2 Assault Enforcers (1 with Shotgun), 1 Enforcer carrying a Sentry Gun and an Engineer; He had the Guard Captain, 1 Plague “Victim”, 1 Lab Tech, 1 Flamer Marine, 3 Security Guards and 3 Marines [I think]; he won recon and discarded one of our 4 Items)

“They started to move into the Kill Zone and searched for supplies, the first one found some magazines even.”

“We waited, as several were in the open we sprung the attack, but most shots just ate into cover or were deflected by our armour. One of their men and an infected one took position at the leftover baggage from the last group (objectives). The only effective opening salvo was from Zesaril (Enforcer with the Sentry Gun), she jumped onto the building and downed the fire soldier with a single ring.” (It was 8 to 2, crazy Eights, also all their weapons are railguns, hence ring)

“The infected needed to be gone so I ordered Nelot (Assault Enforcer) and Newit (Assault, Shotgun) to take him down, it wounded Nelot, still was vanquished accordingly. They advanced and laid a lot of covering fire to slow us down. Zesaril brought the Guardian (Sentry Gun) to the highest roof nearby and Nekurt (Engineer) activated it, bolstering our numbers.”

He made a small gesture towards the other one, who stood at attention during all this.

“A crazy man, with only close quarter weapons (Lab Tech) attacked Newit, but he was impaled on his edge.”

“They concentrated fire on our two Vanguards (Assault) wounding Newit, Nekurt killed one of them while advancing, but their leader shot Newit down and then ran into close combat with the wounded Nelot. Nelot impaled the man. As he did another soldier charging him soon after.”

He seemed angry about this much tactical misjudgement.

“Zesaril shot down the enemy men, one by one and soon only one of them was left.”

This time he seemed impressed that the enemy was still there.

“Nekurt jumped above him and sprayed him, he remained, Nelot ran to kill him, but was thrown around by a tripwire. I ran up and put an end to him. He deserved a good death, so we burned him like one of ours and he joined our memory.”

He opened his backpack and put down an inflated bag before here.

“Leftover ammunition and tools from the site.”

It was a statement, not a question or offer. Sarah surely didn´t mind more supplies.

“Thank you Nekejat. For your fight, your report and the supplies, all of them are highly appreciated.”

He saluted, she returned it.

“We will eat and depart.”

She nodded to that, the two of them turned around and marched into the crowd.

“Spaz. When you are done rummaging through the stuff, bring it to Herekhar please. He will find good use for it.”

The Zee smiled from inside the bag to her feet.
She sighed with a smile.

“After you found the shiniest thing for you of course.”


Rebs WIN


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