An Unfortunate Situation

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Joen Lowry vs Chris Lowry (Daddy)

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 175pts

Chris Lowry
Chris Lowry
I'm a newish Deadzone player, just bought it as a way to get into the miniatures hobby with my 7 year old. And then had *so* much fun. My wife keeps beating me too now...



Forge Fathers

“Arq’ron! Where’s that dratted wrench” snarled Grimtek, rustling around amongst the assorted debris to find the tool he needed.
Huscarl Errlon N’tarr watched the his Brokkr engineer working, a tired, drawn expression on his face. What an absolute mess! Stopping off on XH8-211 to trade a few, much-needed spare parts at a squatter camp, his squad had been trapped when quakes had rent through their landing pad, totally wrecking their landing gear.
“Star Realm be damned! I’m not putting my name to this, N’tarr!” called out Grimtek, deep inside the carcass of a large wheel, furiously bolting pieces together.
The Huscarl turned away. He knew his engineer well, and his relentless pessimism was renowned amongst their team. More importantly, he combined all the best Brokkr qualities: iron hard reliability, and a refusal to admit defeat. The Bomb-bot would work, slightly increasing their range of options if anyone ran across them in this wasteland.
Hopefully though, they could just wait it out. Hopefully, there would be no need to fight anyone…
“Silence, Grimtek”, he commanded in a terse whisper. Gazing beyond the ruined buildings, he could see figures moving. “Lads, weapons ready. It looks like we might need them”.

* * *

“Pathfinders. What, Council-save-you, are you doing?”, laughed Ric. His incinerator carefully leaning against a wall, the Enforcer Specialist squinted at the four figures. They appeared to be pulling out the battered remnant of an old Corp patrol car.
Ignoring him, Corporal Snil pulled on the starter. With a surprisingly quiet hum, the machine ticked into life.
“Yes!” she exclaimed. Two of squad behind her high fived excitedly, whilst the tall, silent sniper Gan stepped back and surveyed the machine.
“She’ll do”, remarked Gan, the usually taciturn older man choosing a rare moment to speak.
Ric watched with interest as the squad set up their specialist with his makeshift monobike – especially unusual given it had double the normal number of wheels.
An order came over his comm unit, and the humour disappeared in an instant. A squad of those rock hard space dwarves had been sighted. It was time for action…

* * *


We assembled our strike teams, both just a smidge over 175 points.
Joen commanding the Enforcers with:
* Enforcer Captain Elfort
* Enforcer
* 3 Pathfinders (including Corporal Snil)
* Assault Enforcer
* Enforcer Specialist with Incinerator (Ric)
* Pathfinder Specialist with Sniper rifle and Monowheel Bike (Gan)
* D.O.G. Drone with Burst Laser

Chris commanded the Forge Fathers with:
* Steel Warrior Huscarl N’tarr
* 3 Steel Warriors
* 3 Steel Warrior Specialist, one with Magma, one with Dragon’s Breath, one with Rocket Launcher
* Bomb-bot (built by Grimtek)

The game started well for the Forge Fathers, winning the recon by 3, allowing 6 members to move an extra cube, and one team member to disappear on a flanking manouver. (However, that was about their only luck with dice in a game that repeatedly saw Enforcers rolling seven dice in 3 dice checks!)
First blood came when a Steel Warrior edged round the side of the building, wounded an Enforcer. The adjacent Pathfinder fired back in retaliation, missing, and then picking up an item… which turned out to be an unfortunate booby trap that killed him. 2 VPs for the Forge Fathers!
Another Steel Warrior scrambles up the knackered building towards the top objective. Trying to head this off, the Captain Elfort ran forward, tossed a perfectly aimed grenade, only to see it explode harmlessly.
Next up Magma Cannon Warrior shuffles forward. Further forward movement for the Forge Fathers is paused as Sniper Gan takes out the side moving Steel Warrior gaining 2 VP for the Enforcers… and using a Shoot dice, nearly dings the Steel Warrior on top, saved only by a bonus defence dice.
Another Steel Warrior sprints across the top of the building into the 2VP Objective , as the remaining Pathfinders tag him and take 3 separate shots. The venerable dwarven armour shrugs off the hits, and their Shoot dice are wasted. Whilst this happens, unnoticed, the jerry-rigged Bomb Bot rumbles inexorably closer to the Enforcers.
Huscarl N’Tarr makes a run for the objective with an extra move, and is pinned en route by the burst laser from the D.O.G., but escapes harm. D.O.G. then scurries up into cover next to the Captain.
The flanking Dragon’s Breath Warrior appears on the flank in the last seconds, surrounded by enraged Enforcers.
At the end of the round, the Forge Fathers gain 2 VP from holding an Objective. Scores at the end of the Round:

Forge Fathers roll 4 bonus Dice on their Command Roll, and are left feeling like luck is with them. Taking this to heart, a near-suicidal Dragon’s Breath Warrior flames the Enforcer Captain, but causes no wounds. Following this up, with a scream of something that sounds a bit like Danish, he rushes into combat, using extra dice, but… does no damage.
Captain Elfort coolly takes his activation, shaking off the pesky fire surrounding him, and totally destroys the warrior in hand-to-hand combat, even as the Forge Fathers use all their remaining bonus Dice (rolling three 1s did not help!) Enforcers gain 2VP.
Muttering incoherently, pinned Huscarl N’Tarr picks himself off the ground and run over to the 1VP objective, hovering behind a convenient pile of rubble. Sniper Gan then tries to kill the Steel Warrior high up on the 2VP objective. Failing this, he hides behind some rocks, but not well enough as the Missile Launcher Steel Warrior wounds him with a rocket from nearly 3 feet away.
The Wounded Enforcer on the right flank shoots at the apparently invulnerable Steel Warrior on the 2VP objective. He completely ignores him, and starts reading a Dwarvish newspaper.
Emboldened by this unflappable display, Magma Cannon Warrior runs out to the other 2VP objective, nearly completely out in the open… and immediately gets nailed by a Pathfinder, earning the Enforcers 2VP.
Not taking no for an answer, another Steel Warrior takes his place in the exposed position, and survives shots by an Enforcer, a Pathfinder, the D.O.G. and the Incinerator Enforcer Specialist Ric. Pinned, and on fire, he ends the round just barely in control of the objective. Desolate at his uselessness, the Pathfinder did at least manage to find a some Intel, gaining the Enforcers 1VP.
At the end of the round, Forge Fathers dominate the objectives, with the Huscarl, Top Warrior and their beleaguered team-mate down below score 5 VP between them. Scores at the end of the round:

Looking around at the 6 people with weapons trained on him, the isolated Steel Warrior, out in the open, draws straws. The Incinerator Enforcer Ric has pulled the long one, so gets shot at and takes one wound. That same Enforcer then responds, flaming the other objective holding Warrior up on top of the building, doing no damage but setting him on fire.
Jumping a turn in initiative, the D.O.G. jumps up and shoots at the same Warrior, pinning him to the floor. His luck run out, the top Steel Warrior screams horribly and succumbs to the flames, gaining the Enforcers 2VP. Captain Elfort doesn’t miss an opportunity, and follows up this grisly murder by leaping up to hold the 2VP area.
Assessing the rapidly changing state of objective possession, Missile Launcher Warrior tactically repositions, ready for a key role in Turn 3. Hopefully.
The remain Steel Warrior holding the 2VP slot on the ground is shot at by the Pathfinder up on rocks. Somehow he survives unscathed, despite rolling only 3 dice against 6!
Huscarl N’Tarr, unimpressed by the change in fortunes shoots at Captain Elfort. He also insults her mother in a tirade of Regal Dwarvish. Neither of these appear to cause any damage, emotional or otherwise.
Inevitably, a stray Enforcer shot takes out the remaining Objective Warrior, winning Enforcers another 2VP for the kill, and also successfully clearing out the Forge Fathers from both 2VP areas.
The Bomb-bot wobbles around a corner, still too far from anywhere to do anything useful this turn.
Sniper Gan rolls out into the clear, gaining the 2VP spot, and bringing the turn to an end. N’Tarr clings onto 1VP objective, but the Elfort and Gan bring home 4VP from objectives. Final scores for the turn:

Hoping for his moment of glory, Missile Launcher Warrior fires twice at the exposed Captain Elfort… achieving nothing.
D.O.G. fires at Bomb-bot… achieving nothing.
The Huscarl shoots at the Captain twice… achieving nothing.
Bombot explodes on Incinerator Enforcer Ric, throwing him one square and pinning him but ultimately… achieving nothing.
Finally, the Pathfinders take it in turns to rail at the Huscarl, who goes down in a hail of singed dwarf beard, giving the Enforcers 3VP for his death, and 4VP for the Turn’s Objectives.
Final score:


Enforcers WIN


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