Asterians Stumble across a Goliath

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Corey Booms vs Chris Gilday

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Corey Booms
Corey Booms
Motor City Deadzone




An Asterian Scouting party stumbled across a pack of Nameless while Scouring the area around Devil’s Run for supplies, to their great dismay they discovered that the Nameless counted a Goliath within their ranks. As both Squads prepared for battle clouds moved in and it started pouring Rain, limiting visibility.
Both squads rushed to get their hands on some supplies while doing their best to stay out of the line of fire from the enemy. A cypher and a Kalyshi ran under cover towards some supply crates and managed to uncover some valuable Intel, on the nameless side a gunslinger moved into an elevated position and managed to inflict two wounds on the plasma vortex weapon drone, in response the Asterian Sky Razor flew onto the top of the central building and blasted away the gunslinger, drawing first blood and taking an early lead. Two inkers moved forward to grab supplies and provide much necessary smoke cover for their Allies.

The Sky Razor had done its job well but had unwittingly moved within striking distance of the menacing Terror, with a burst of extra speed from a movement die The Terror climbed up the building and shredded the Sky Razor to pieces with its Ravenous Maw. The Fear made a quick sprint, picking up an item and depositing it in their stash

Not wanting to let the death of one of their own go unanswered, the Weapon Drone equipped with a Plasma Vortex moved into position and blasted the Terror off the roof, injuring and pinning it. The weapon drone followed up with a second shot from command dice, killing the Terror and furthering the Asterian’s lead.

On the Other side of the complex, a Caratid moved through the cover of smoke into battle with a Kalyshi, managing to get a lucky kill, encouraged by its success it used a movement die to move into the second Kalyshi in the cube next to the first, resulting in a stand-off. The Overseer moved in next and easily killed the outnumbered Caratid. The Fear and a Rifleman moved into position on top of the building. The Rifleman managed to finish off the wounded Weapon Drone and kill an Cypher that moved onto the building, unfortunately not before the Cypher had managed to eliminate the Nameless leader, dealing a heavy blow to morale. The Inkers finally made the trip back to the supply cache and deposited their items

At this point, despite the Nameless’ best effort they were still losing by points 8-13, this was soon to change as the Goliath had finally made its march across the board into striking distance on the remaining Asterians. In an effort to protect themselves the last three Asterians; The Overseer, a Kalyshi, and a Cypher, moved into the same cube so that they would have strength in numbers against the hulking beast. This strategic move would have little impact though as the Goliath used it tentacles to grab the Overseer and smash him to the ground in another cube. The Goliath then moved in and consumed the Overseer with one bite of its crushing Maw. Not satisfied with the violence it had just committed, the Goliath used its Tentacles once again with a command dice to pull the Cypher into its cube, but failed to damage it.

The Kalyshi bravely charged into a fight with the Goliath but even with the help of the cypher was unable to even dent the Goliaths Armour. The Goliath used a Fight command die to kill the Cypher then Broke Away from the Kalyshi and Smashed it to death with its tentacles, killing the last Asterian and securing a come from behind victory for the nameless.


Nameless WIN


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