Bad Day at Devil’s Run

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Michael vs Glen

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts



Mazon Labs

2nd Platoon had been ordered to gather some much needed supplies from the supposedly abandoned Mazon Labs facility in Devil’s Run. They were keen to get in an out quickly as quakes had slowly been escalating through the morning. As they entered the facility lights suddenly came to life and the fire erupted from around the facility.

To Major General Steiner’s horror two Striders came lumbering our pushing an abomination towards 2nd Platoon’s positions.

2nd Company’s Strider responded to the shooting by firing a burst into the beast enraging it and sending it clawing one of the Striders taking a great gouge out of it.

In the shock of the beasts reaction the guards of the lab were slowly mown down by the sustained fire of 2nd Platoon with minimal casualties being sustained in return.

Private Albrecht turned to the Major General and smiled, “Walk in the Park huh Sir?” He chuckled shortly before his body disintegrated as the Striders found their range.

The Heavy Laser team were mown down by the sustained fire of Striders and 2nd Platoon’s only solid armour piercing weapon went down and with it their hopes of getting out of this without heavy losses.

Slowly 2nd Platoon was being cut down with only the Strider and Ranger, Matthias able to hold their own cutting down the supporting infantry.

The battle hung on a knife edge when the leader of the lab cut down Major General Steiner in close combat. As he went to burn him to death an enraged Sgt Hesse charged down in his Strider and pushing his burst cannon through the window vaporised the scientist which saw the enemy Striders withdraw and 2nd Platoon winning very costly victory.




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