Battle for the Comms Tower



COMMANDERS: Andy Land vs Callum MacCuaig

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Andy Land
Andy Land
Dropped off the radar a bit the last year but back with bang for Skyfall




The mission was simple. Secure the Comms tower and prepare the area for the Chiras to arrive. The strike force would be lead by Master Chivu, controlling his now near famous Black Talon Prime Construct. Joined by their cousins, the Kalyshi, a varied strike force of a Cypher specialist, a Black Talon, Marionettes and a Pulse Bombard, landed just outside Command Post Delta, before moving in to clear and secure the facility. However this wasn’t the simple patrol mission Chivu had been led to believe. This would be his greatest test yet and the Overseers from the Lando Clade were watching.

With the unmistakable silhouettes of Enforcers appearing on the scans, the Asterians were quick to take up advanced positions in nearby buildings. The Pulse Bombard started the barrage and very quickly wounded a number of the heavily armoured humans. Marionettes advanced towards key objections but were soon cut down in a hail of missile and sniper fire. The Kalyshi cautiously moved up the field, taking cover behind every building and obstical they could find. The Black Talon, zeroed his holo-scope on the source of the human sniper shots and eliminated that problem but in doing so, gave away his own position. Balance was soon restored with another well taken enforcer sniper shot.

The hulking frame of a Peacekeeper Capt came into view and it was an offer to good to refuse for the Cypher specialist with a missile launcher. Despite hitting his target cleanly, the Enforcer was simply pinned under his giant defender shield.

This was the moment the Kalyshi had been waiting for. From deep within Asterian lines rushed Alessio and, with the human leader still shaking off the effects of a missile launcher strike, cut him down with a single blow. The engagement was a short lived affair and, in little over three cycles, the facilities were secured for the Asterians.

The Enforcers proved stern opposition but the accuracy of the Asterian constructs and the furiousity of the Kalyshi, meant the Master Chivu passed his first test on Starfall.


Asterians WIN


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