Brawl in smoke

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Grim Alexanderson vs Blackleaf

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Grim Alexanderson
Grim Alexanderson
Hi there. I'm from Moscow, Russia. Mostly play with my wife on kitchen table, but some times i have time to play in LGS.

Forge Fathers


The Plague

Boom. Boom-Bam! Clank!
– Gerroffa me, would ye?! You bastard son of behemoth and spiked tortoise!
– Hel! Ye wrote me new hole in that armorplatin’ Ye gona answer fer this! Let’s go now. False move, jump step. I’m doin’it all by the book. Now, turn around and shoot back at him where he is lured by my false move.
Daka! Daka! Daka!
First volley hit only beasts shadow. Beast cast it on the spot Gisl were expecting his target to be. Second volley hit home, right in chest of leaping beast. Gisl kicked at his closing assailant. Usually Iron Ancestors low kick caved in ribcage of its opponent. This beast was no usual at all. It was on all four it’s limbs and it dwarfed his Iron Ancestor chassis. It bloked his kick and then gave him two hits back.
Clank! Bam!
– Another hole here, ye ugly ram. Tis like ye learned how to get me out! Think ye can open me like tin can, do ye?
– That was a fast one, now let me stomp ye face! I’ll make ye prettier.
Clash. Clank!
– Oh! Ye think you learned? Think ye know how to open me up? Go catch me then!
Jump back. Shoot it in the face.
Daka! Daka!
Both volleys hit. Beast stumbled, but stood firm. It was enraged. It bled. It started to move.
– It’s all by the book, ye know. Bring some guns to a knife fight. Get some space. Get some shots. Get some ass kicked. Endure. Stay put. Get some, go again. It’s all by the book.
Boom. Boom. Daka-Daka!
– Go again.
Iron Ancestor scanners and visors provided Gisl with best tactical data and overall battle picture. He could see everything behind him even without turning his head. But his vision was tunneled. He saw only beast before him. The beast and some yellow smoke covering scenery around them. Radio channel read only static.

– Static? Why it only static on air. Every one goners or it’s just me getting deaf.
Daka. Daka.
– Take that. At least I’m not deaf. Now, go again.
Clank. Daka! Daka!
It gave a roar.
– Those rebs called place Devil’s Run. Hel’s irony. Curses.
– And it still is Devil’s Run.
Clash. Thud!
– Ye roar at me, would ye? Roar like ye fellas done before! I think I got two of yers coming along that building. Or was it three of ye small bastards cousins?
Roar. Bam. Daka. Daka. Daka.
– Yeh, that was this roar when it started, was it? Ye poured out all over behind that building. We were shootin’. Then there was magma rifle lights over the corner and frag explosion. And after that it was all over. Our Huscarl were crawling on his belly, his legs ripped. Young Hnikar from militia shot something big at point blank for no good. Others were dead already. And than ye jumped me.

Boom. Swing. Kick. Daka! Daka!!
– Go again!
Daka! Daka! Daka!
All shots missed the target and raised up small clouds of dust. Beast changed it’s move. It got him from behind in hug. Beast hugged him around the shoulders and its enormous arms were crossing on his chest.
– All by the book, ye know. Trip his right leg. Make a mill body swing. Drop him and kick in the face, while he bites the dust.
Kick missed by full yard. Beasts face was not there.
– Oh, I think ye like wrote yer own bloody book of brawlin’. Step back. Get some shots. Go again.
Boom! Daka! Daka!
– No, ye breaking no steel here. Tis starforged, y’know. That’s hel of a long day, ye know. Keep it going.
Bam. Daka! Daka!
– Oh it noon already. Hey!? Why’s that? Ye bled on yer right side! I remember, ye bled on the right side! It was like three hours ago! Now ye bleedin only left hand! But ye bled there, how come? Who’s tricking me, ye or me mind?
Clash. Clank. Daka! Daka!
– At least ye claws are not as sharp as when we started, are they? Aw, rust ye gyre! When did you happen to make me a forth hole, ah? Still trickery? Go get some!

Daka! Daka! Daka…

After Iron Ancestor’s battle log was decrypted it showed that Gisl have single handedly exterminated halve a dozen of plague leapers with some howling ghoul. And endured melee with two abberations.
He survived it. Sole survivor. He got out of his torn beaten Ancestor without wounds and scars. There were no scars on his skin and no scars on his mind. Nothing in this galaxy can scar a stormrage veteran. He just can’t remember when first beast fell and second beast took its place. But he don’t need to. He endured them both and felled them both. It sits well with it.


Forge Fathers WIN


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