Caught the attention of the Asterians? (Project P – 10)

AT Fort Skar


LOCATION : Fort Skar
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs The Teacher

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 150pts




This was my tenth Deadzone game.

The battle was fought two weeks ago. I didn’ t have time to write the battle report, but the results were entered in the right week.

We played Asterians versus Enforcers.
Again we used a mixture of miniatures for the Asterians.

My opponent brought the same list as last time.

I had a Pathfinder Sergeant, three Pathfinders (one with Holo-Sight and one with Frag Grenade), one Pathfinder Specialist with Sniper Rifle, a D.O.G. Drone and an Enforcer Jet Bike with Burst Laser.

We accidentally only played until the first player managed to reach 12 victory points. But it didn’t matter since I was almost wiped out by then…
Unfortunatly I don’t have many notes but all games that week lasted only three rounds after which I had no troops left to fight with or my enemy had acquired enough points for the victory. :-/

The mission played was Invade with the Darkness falls rules.
It ended 13-11 for the Asterians.

Recipient: Council of Seven – Member Seven
Author: Forward Observer Lorvon Kartwill (ID designate RJ26-11-83)
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall” (exact position: undisclosed)
Subject: Recovering of Data Pack “Project P”
Status: active


unfortunatly I do not have any news regarding your Data Pack, but it seems our actions on this planet caught the attention of the Asterians.
One of my search teams was ambushed and almost completely wiped out while trying to gather new information near Fort Skar, a Marauder outpost on XH8-211.
I do not know why the Asterians where attacking us, but I will inform you as soon as I have new information.

The poisoned ‘Soylent Green’ seems to have worked.
Although the population is dwindling faster now, it seems this did not hinder the spreading of the Plague as much as I hoped.


Asterians WIN


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