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AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs The Teacher

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts




This was my forth Deadzone game.
This time I tried GCPS against my opponents Asterians. Because the lack of proper miniatures I used my Mazon Labs and he a mixture of Dreadball, Star Saga and other minis.
He brought a Overseer, one Kalyshi with Energy Shield (3), one Marionette, a Chyper Specialist with Light Missle Launcher and Ammo and a Support Drone with Twin Noh Rifles.
I had a Marine Sergeant with Laser Rifle, five Marines and three Marine Specialists with Flame thrower.

We completely forgot to roll for the Veer-myn.

We played the Mission Search & Destroy 2.0.

It was a short and bloody game with the GCPS troops having no chance at all. Almost every shot of the Asterians was one dead Marine while the return fire wasn’t that impressive, only the Overseer failed with everything. In the end the Marionette threw a grenade into the close combat of the Overseer with one Marine, just for fun, successfully throwing both of the rooftop. The Marine got wounded, but it seems gravity is quite deadly for Asterians, since there was nothing left of the Overseer…

Author: Major-General Johnathan Nada
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, Soylent Corp army camp (near Damrod Mining Facility J28)
Subject: Relocating troops to support Private Security of Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs)
Status: active

Sir Lieutenant General Ethan Bishop,

I have to inform you that the troops I send, as ordered by you, to support “Project P” were wiped out. They did not encounter the “walking red monkeys with white hair” you warned us of but instead were attacked by Asterian forces before they even could get close to their target.
Our troops reported that they were able to destroy two of the enemy’s constructs before we lost contact to them.
I sent another squad via a different route to the target area, but I fear the Asterians do not want us to reinforce our troops at the “Project P” site and therfore will attack this squad too.

best regards
Major-General Johnathan Nada

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Asterians WIN


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