Eluf’s outpost

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Sean vs David

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

sean kiddie
sean kiddie
Overall warlord



Forge Fathers

As the elite forge father squad, Eluf’s guard, entered the outpost on starfall they knew something wasn’t right. It was quiet, too quiet. Legendary forge guard huscarl “Eluf” was the first to hear the metallic scuttling within the walls. “Form up guardsmen!” commanded Eluf. That was the moment the veer-myn swarmed and the battle for starfall began.

Forge fathers strike team (Eluf’s guard) :

Leader = Forge guard huscarl (Eluf),, forge hammer and hailstorm autocannon.
Troopers = 1x steel warrior (Kustaa)
3x Brokkrs (Stian, Roscoe and Kory)
Specialists = 1x Forge guard (Raoul)
2x Steel warrior specialist (Rangvald and Olin). 1 magma cannon, 1 hailstorm autocannon.

Veer-myn strike team (Boomtown rats):
Leader = Progenitor (Fatlord). Smoke grenade launcher and ray pistol
Troopers = 7x Stalkers (Bert, Mr. Jingles, Stuart, Remy, Rizzo, Tatters and Splinter)
Specialists = 1x Malignus (Nacho). Chemical grenade launcher
2x Nightmares (Rambo and Peanut). Big drill with chem thrower, pair of drills.
1X Rat swarm (Warren)
Vehicle = 1x Tunnel runner (Doug). Scythes and Twin chem spitters

Recon = Veer-myn won the recon rolls. They moved 6 models one cube and discarded 1 item.

Round 1 = Rambo picked up the intel for an easy 1vp. Then Doug shot and killed Kustaa with the first shot of the game. A combined effort from Raoul and Rangvald took down Doug. Elaf then mercilessly killed Nacho with a single shot. Veer-myn managed to secure one 2 point objective and one 1 point objective.
Veer-myn 6vps – Forge fathers 5vps

Round 2 = Forge fathers made a strong start with Stian taking the fight to remy and crushing him to claim the 2 point objective, only to be pounced upon by Mr Jingles and killed. Veer-myn reclaim the 2 point objective. Olin taking aim from across the other broken building killed Mr Jingles. Rangvald “lucky dice” lived up to his name sake when he shot and killed Stuart.

Veer-myn 12vps – Forge fathers 8vps

Round 3 = The blood shed begins with the death of Rosco at the blade of Bert in close combat. Rangvald “lucky dice” kills Peanut who was sneaking in for the attack. Eluf then mercilessly shot and killed Rambo before he could unleash his chem thrower into a crowd of 3 forge fathers. Warren charged into Kory and left tiny bites and scratches all over his corpse. Another veer-myn fell to forge father shooting with Raul killing Rizzo.
Veer-myn 19vps – Forge fathers 13vps

Round 4 = With the Veer-myn only needing 1vp to secure victory and the Forge Fathers unable to prevent this they were going for blood this round. Eluf made a drastic move and charged into Warren only to be held in combat. Then Splinter saw the opportunity to strike and stabbed Eluf to death. Seeing their leader loose his mind on the battlefield did not sway the remaining Forge fathers from their bloodlust. Rangvald shot and killed Tatters. Raul enraged and screaming shot and killed Splinter in revenge.
Veer-myn 28vps – Forge fathers 15vps

Battle overview = The Forge fathers took the high ground early as a way to stay away from Doug the tunnel runner but this meant that later rounds their movement was restricted to this building. The Veer-myn numbers and use of smoke allowed them to claim and defend the objectives for every round.


Veer-Myn WIN


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