Equipment and Food Hunt

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Ross Diggle vs Chris Evans

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Ross Diggle
Ross Diggle
Side kick of the illustrious Dr Deadzone.



The Plague

Turn one started with the Great Plague (Plaga Magna) storming forward with 5 of their troops including the stage 1adue to getting the initiative on the Heron Frozen Foods Corp advanced recon force. Feeling threatened by the 2 swarms of murder birds swiftly advancing upon their position the GCPS opened firre twice with their grenade launcher. They didn’t manage to wound them but did throw them both out of postion due to air burst grenades loaded for this very problem. Next the GCPS missile launcher took careful aim at 2 zombies and a stage 2a, turning all three into nothing more than a mass of puss and blood. A murder bird decided to fly up into a threatening postion for both the weapons team, the commanding officer and the grenade launcher. in response, the Sergeant opened fire with his flame thrower leaving the murder bird roosting upon a flaming console. a recruit took the opportunity of both the murder bird and a swarm having already moved to run and find some intel. A plague dog seized on this and decided to jump at the recruit who managed to fend him off. meanwhile another recruit ran up and discovered a grenade and ran back to a square with another rookie playing a game of relay. The remaining stage 2a ran up and found some intel in response, whilst the final rookie recruit ran and dropped of the grenade in the equipment cache. A veteran advanced upon a murder bird laying down fire wounding it. Whilst the strider climbed a building to shoot the other murder bird turning it into a pile of feathers. the remaining veterans and specialists targeted the remaining murder bird wounding it again. so ended the first activation at a score of 7 – 2 in favour of the GCPS.

The second round Began with the murder bird surviving the flames and flying up one level in order to Avoid the blockade of veterans and deny one of the recruits any share options. Mean while in retaliation the missile launcher shot the remaining stage 2a and zombie smashing the zombie and wounding the stage 2a and throwing it into new zone. The ripper swarm smelt weakness and charged the flank of the strider, the mech gave no worries and shrugged off the attack. Meanwhile the veterans shot down on the remaining murder bird, completely pulping it. More chicken to be passed off amongst unsuspecting people of Starfall. The Teraton seeing the plague dog fail to kill the recruit teleported in and ripped his head off his shoulder straight through his chest cavity. The other dog charged a veteran and his friend, wounding him. A specialist climbed a tower an used his holosight to wound the 2a. The other dog charged in to help his friend Scooby-poo only to be wounded in himself in the attempt. the adrenaline must have been coursing through the wounded veteran. The 2a stood up and advanced upon the sergeant and the weapons team only to be flame throwered to no avail. The grenade launcher fired upon the teraton throwing him prone into the combat with the strider and swarm for a very cramped cube. A veteran charged into help his two embattled comrades versus the plague dogs and shoved his bayonet where the sun doesn’t shine. yet more meat to be sold to the system. The last veteran climbed the tower and took out the stage 2a. Ending the round 10 – 4 for the GCPS

The PLague opened up charging the 1a straight into the sergeant only managing to wound him. Meanwhile the other plague swarm joined the dog in attacking veterans, Chomping through 2 with ease. The weapons team made a hasty retreat from the stage 1a taking a wound for their trouble to fire into the square containing their sergeant and the 1a. they managed to frag their leader and only managed to knock the stage 1a into a wall. The Swarm took out another veteran, then moved towards the grenade launcher. a specialist with holosight shot down at it wounding it further, causing it to drop. these things can maybe be sold as sausages or mince. tunr ending 12 – 10 to the GCPS

Plaga Magna started with their leader storming into the weapons team and turning them into nothing more than a smear. The remaining plague swarm left the Strider and charged the grenade launcher, the recruit used his special orders and shot at the incoming swarm and earned his shares wounding it twice, promotion is even possibly on the line here. The specialist showed the swarm why he’s a specialist for a frozen food corporation and completely butchered the swarm. The remaining veteran climbed the tower for safety in numbers and shot the remaining plague dog. this could be a good haul in Market meat for the Blockaded population of Starfall. The Teraton left the strider taking wounds when exosing his back, then teleported up to the top of the tower only to be further injured by the specialist. He thought he’d push his luck and attack again, lets just say Turtle soup is also on the menu now. The mission ended 20 – 12 for the GCPS. Black market food will bring great profits.




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