Escape from Mazon Labs

AT Mazon Compound


LOCATION : Mazon Compound
COMMANDERS: Teemu Hemminki and Vilppu Hemminki vs Artificial Nexus

MISSION : Breakthrough 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts



Mazon Labs

My 7 years old son wanted to play a game of Star Saga with the new cool Nameless characters and he also wanted to create the scenario we would play against artificial Nexus. I gave him free hands and soon a 3 section map was created with a little story “The Nameless have become lost in Mazon Labs and they need to get out by killing Guard Commander Graves”.

After a little fiddling, we were ready to go.

The first objective of our Nameless (he played The Fear and I played The Gunslinger) was to open door into mid-section of the map. Tight space made it quite hard to keep enemies away. But we managed it.

After couple of turns, we got doors to middle section open and started fighting in the middle section of the map. Or to be honest, Gunslinger started fighting while The Fear wanted to look at every and each closet and cupboard for potential look. We had laughs when we imagined how The Gunslinger was keeping enemy hordes at bay and giving disappointed looks at The Fear for not focusing on the important hacking of the terminal.

But after having his fun, The Fear finally started hacking and quickly opened door to last section of the map, where Guard Commander Graves was waiting. After a short fight, we managed to kill him and escape the facility.

I have included the map and rules below so you also can play the heroic escape from dreaded mazes of Mazon Laboratory.


Nameless WIN


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