Establishing a Grimm Perimeter I

AT Fort Skar


LOCATION : Fort Skar
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Forge Fathers



>>> Opening Channel to Control > Authentication: Father Grimm; Access Level: 0, Priority: 0 > Open

Karank Helm took out their Sniper, before throwing some cover, every one advanced especially the Jetbike which took position behind us. Bad. Harald Helm landed but no one was displaced.
(FF 3 – Enf 6)

We came around the flank. Lekim Eid set two of them on fire. Good Boy. One of them was too busy putting it out, so he couldn´t fight. I jumped into their leader. He was crafty and avoided my blows quite well, only as he wanted to leave I got him squarely. (Forge Lord does 2 Fight actions against the Pathfinder Sergeant to no avail; as the Sergeant wants to leave combat he is killed)
Harald Helm goes down in the fire of everyone around him. Must change tactic. Hefti Helm destroyed the DOG (again when it ran away… not in the charge) Rasiga Holz fires rapidly as one more Enforcer and puts him down. (Pathfinder on Objective) Just two and the bike left now.
(FF 12 – Enf 9)

The Bike took flight as I ran over and punched both last men from the building. (Forge Lord attacked the first, killed him, used a move die and killed the last Pathfinder on foot)
The place was ours.
(FF 21 – Enf 9)
No real resistance moving on to secure. Send a holding force.
>>> Closing Line

Having lost the recon, the Pathfinders could not use their greatest strength, that was really harsh on his force. At least the dice were somewhat normal this game.


Forge Fathers WIN


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