Establishing a Grimm perimeter II

AT Fort Skar


LOCATION : Fort Skar
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Forge Fathers



>>> Opening Channel to Control > Authentication: Father Grimm; Access Level: 0, Priority: 0 > Open

More Enforcers were guarding it, again we outmanoeuvred them easily. Their tactics are all so obvious.
We advanced and covered ourselves in clouds, almost no shots were fired, only Karank Helm took some shots to no avail. Some grenades were thrown as well, nothing of consequence happened.
(FF 0 – Enf 1)

I ordered Hefti Helm to attack, first he took out their front man, then their Sniper. Well done, he is learning. Rasiga Holz used his newfound ammunition pack to send another man sprawling, he was killed in return though. Too bad, he was a steadfast warrior. Karank Helm destroyed the DOG in shooting and was attacked in CQB by one of them, to no avail. Lokar deployed without effect. Their bike took high position, but the smoke hindered the shots.
(FF 11 – Enf 3)

I took down their leader as he wanted to leave the CQB with me. (Forge Lord attacked Sergeant, nothing, as he tried to leave he was killed…again) The last one on foot attacked Lekim Eid in our backs (on objective) but nothing happened there. Hefti Helm took a forward position (4 points objective), this scared them and they retreated before being overwhelmed.
(FF 16 – Enf 4)

Position secured. We now have a wide perimeter, when the securing force arrives. We´ll fortify against the increasing plague presence.
>>> Closing Line

Again winning the recon against the Pathfinders with 7 to 5 successes was brutal for his guys, the well placed smoke did the rest to hinder him. Also his dice sucked in this game…


Forge Fathers WIN


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