First Born enter the deadzone

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Cedric vs Ian

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts




This is our first game into the campaign. I played for the first time the enforcers and Ian played the GCPS. We played with 150 pts.
He painted some awesome Vostroyan minis just were proxys for the GCPS.
The GCPS has a strider but the enforcers don’t.

I won the recon by 6 dice. Yes I roll several 8s. This gave me he opportunity to deploy all my strike team first with an extra move. The pathfinders found themselves starting 2 clicks from the upper deployment zone.

The enforcers deployed first ready to receive the GCPS.

The first attack of one of the pathfinder was throwing a grenade. This one hit the vostryan troups. Two marine dead. This gave a good head start to the enforcers.

The vostroyan retaliated with the missile launchers unfortunately not hit hard enough the enfocer leads. Captain Rico got blasted against a wall and came out clean and alive.

The DOG got deployed up a building to engage on a suppression fire against the Vostroyan leads and a solider. The soldier got injured but not the leader. It did not matter for the enforcers. The D.O.G did his job. He suppressed the leadership and put itself outthere to receive the coutner attack.

The next move of the enforcer were to place the sniper and halo sight pathfinder into shooting position.

The Vostroyan leader got killed very quickly into the battle. This tipped the table completely to the advantage of the enforcers.
The rest of the skirmish continued with exchange of fire from both side.
But one memorable moment was the sniper performing 3 injuries the second round and last round inflicting 4 wounds which was more than enough to KIA the Strider.

Overall a very fun game for the enforcer and sour one for the GCPS. Recon, Dice luck and leadership were all on the enforcer side.
We ended the game with a score Enforcer 22 Vs GCPS 2.

GCPS will come back with a revenge. Rumors talk about retaliation using a deadly virus on the enforcer’s base.


Enforcers WIN


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