First Contact – Report by Peacekeeper Captain Erik Danyhal

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Dan Coolledge vs Jonathon Coolledge

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts



The Plague


The MCkinley drive brought my team to XH8-211 (Starfall) 1 week after reports of hostile Namelss activity had started to circulate. We Disembarked at Command Post Delta with the mission of seeking and destroying any hostiles with the containment zone.

We encountered a small group of Plague infected inhabitants inhabitants. Lead by a Stage 1A, the force mostly comprised of 3A, but had some 2A amongst their number.

We maintained a strong firing line and despite flanking attempts by the contaminated, held our ground.

Moving to a elevated forward position I made the mistake of opening my visor to get a better view of the deadzone. From below a 3D leapt with surprising agility and raked my face. The creature was dispatched, but in the confusion the ghouls were able to advance on our position.

Our position compromised, we advanced into the deadzone taking down any opposition until on the 1A remained. With the fiend dispatched we headed back to base.

The Med-techs have treated my wound, but it itches and my blood feels like it’s boiling in my veins. I think I hear the voice of the 1A in my mind. No, the creature was not simply a 1A, it was my lord. I feel the voice of the Plague calling to me. I’m hungry, I’m angry.



Enforcers WIN


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