First Contact – The Noble and the Guns for Hire.

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Nicodemus Sandberg vs Edward Sandberg

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts




Catherine-B320 “Cat” continued the mission briefing. Her team was listening while they each did their own last preparations. It was only mere minutes before they were dropping out from their transport.
Emile-A239, their close quarters specialist sat in the corner sharpening his large combat knife.
Next to him sat the big man, Jorge-052 with his giant gun checking the ammo counter. To Jorges left side, Jun-A266 was cradling his custom sniper rifle, it to one of the larger weapons in the team.
Opposite them Six-B312 and Carter-A259 were going through tactics with Rosenda-A344. The two enforcers looked tiny compared to Rosendas Peacekeeper armor. However it was dwarfed by Thom-A293s Strider suit awkwardly sitting at the back by the door.
Cat finished her brief and was just about to say something when the interior lights turned red, signaling their imminent drop.

As the first one on the ground, Jun made his way up a wall into a high vantage point. Hoping to scout and give precision fire support to his team. As soon as he got in position he located the enemy. Looking down his sights he aimed his large rifle on an unsuspecting little runt wearing what looked like a bag over his head. Jun smiled at a thought concerning his targets hidden appearance, then squeezed his trigger.
With a loud bang, the heavy round made it’s way through the air and found it’s mark.
A red mist indicated he had hit the little creep.

To his dismay, Jun saw that his target still seemed to breathe. If his sniper rifle had caused a loud bang, this huge gun was a thunderclap. The noise rattled his teeth and he cursed under his breath as it returned fire. The shrieking shell was heading right for him!
At the last moment he threw himself off the edge and crashed down into the hard floor.

Another thunderclap was heard and with that the ground under Six and Carter exploded, throwing them off their feet.

Having made contact with the enemy force, Emile was itching for a fight and dashed towards the hostile lines. Hopefully they would come to him as he was holding the eastern alpha objective.
What came bounding over a nearby truck was not what he had expected though. A huge beast with a wild mane and steel jaws like that of a beartrap descended upon him.
Caught off guard, Emile was swiftly torn to shreds by the beast.

Hearing his squadmate’s screams over the comms, Jorge jumped up to the same vantage point Jun had been in and opened fire upon the mawbeast. The withering fire left a fleshy pile in it’s place.

Another masked runt had made it’s way up a distant tower and as Jorge stood there raining death upon the beast, the sniper set his sights on Jorge. The big man was felled by the tiny runt.

Six got to his feet and made his way to the western bravo objective. The armor had taken the brunt of the blast, leaving him unscathed.

Lumbering into view, a hulking brute took aim on the prone Carter. A deadly barrage of high energy beams hit the ground where he had been but he rolled away at the last second. In the same move, Carter got up and followed Six.

One of the enemy commandos advanced behind the truck. Hoping to beat it to the nearby alpha objective, Cat set off on an intercepting course.

Cat was caught in the sights of a commando specialist who had climbed the tower and taken up position next to the runt sniper. After unleashing a torrent of death, the commando saw his target was still standing and very much unscathed. He quickly reloaded and continued firing a stream of hot lead. This time he saw blood splattered on the ground. A hit!

The loud staccato of machingegun fire gave away the commandos position, which Rosenda was quick to capitalize on. However as she fired both occupants of the tower hunkered down behind their wall.

As Rosenda was reloading she saw another commando specialist had appeared in the tower and was now pointing it’s heavy machinegun right at her!
The storm of bullets struck her head on, but her armor and defender shield proved superior.

Now the Strider driven by Thom appeared from behind a wall. He took aim at the hulk and filled the air with hot lead. The lumbering brute took several impacts and hit the ground.

On the other side of a large container, two commandos made their way towards the western alpha objective. While another heads east and loots a crate next to the hulk. The extra ammunition within could prove useful sooner than expected. While he was scrounging up the ammo, the commando captain strode by and took cover behind the truck.

Things were unravelling more or less as he had planned.

————— Enforcers: 1 Marauders: 3 —————

Six continued to move towards the western bravo objective. He ducked down behind a wall, looked up and opened fire on the advancing commandos but to his dismay the earlier blast had jammed his rifle!.

To Noble teams horror, the hulk stood up and stomped forwards, taking cover behind the truck next to the commando captain. The brute slung his giant gun up on the truck and fired at the Strider. Thom shook with the impact but as far as he could tell he was unharmed. He might not be as lucky next time around.
With that thought Thom returned fire. The deadly storm of lead smattered all around the hulk and the captain. Many bullets pinged off the truck and while both the hulk and captain had ducked out of view, a blinking icon indicated a hit!

The guntrack operator, fearing death and/or disappointing his captain fought through the pain. Blood was pooling under his seat but he fired off two shells in quick succession. The sound of thunder echoing through the containers, followed by the horrifying shriek of incoming mortar fire.
One shell missed it’s mark and left a nearby container a smoking wreck of torn metal and burning fluffy bunnies.
The other shot impacted next to Rosenda and Carter who both got knocked off their feet.

Seeing an opportunity to seize the eastern alpha objective and finish the mission, Cat advances and then fires her pistol at a nearby commando, injuring him.

The commando heavy gunner in the tower opened fire once more upon the enforcer sergeant.
But the shots ping off her armor,

and Cat stands there defiant upon the objective. However when the spray of bullets continue, Cat is hit and taken out.

Rosenda, hoping to avenge Cats death unleashes a withering hail upon the commando specialist. Unfortunately he doesn’t die.

Another commando climbs over the truck and moves up to Cats dead body, claiming the objective. He then proceeeds to opens fire on Carter, hoping to keep the enforcer away long enough to grab the objective.

Carter gets up on one knee and returns fire but he’s still shellshocked after taking two mortar blasts straight on and misses the commando.

The sniper runt sets it’s sight on Six, hiding behind a wall and exchanging fire with some commandos, and fires a shot into him, taking him out. Gleefully reloading quickly the sniper then fires again, this time on Rosenda penetrating her thick armor. The shot manages to hit a joint in her armor and blood starts to run down her leg.

Jun awakes with a startle, shakes his head and gets up. That mortar shell or fall had temporarily knocked him out, but now he returns to his vantage point in the hopes of scoring a few kills.

Meanwhile the two commandos that had exchanged fire with Six on the west side, now make their way to the western alpha objective and claim it.

The commando captain gets up, brushes off some dirt, puts his cap back on and start heading for the eastern bravo objective.

A commando specialist, seeing a fresh target in Jun opens fire and promptly ends the snipers life.

————— Enforcers: 1 Marauders: 15 —————

The remaining members of Team Noble make a tactical retreat.

With the enemy on the run, the commando captain declares his boys victorious this day. This will look good in the promotional material the NESSEN higher ups are putting together.

Ironic in some way, that the super-soldier rejects managed to so soundly beat their replacements..


Marauders WIN


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