First in – Second run

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Unvollkommen vs Dale Holton

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Sascha Stand
Sascha Stand
Passionate gamer from Germany.




They had patched up their wounds. After the encounter with the Enforcers they had moved more cautiously further into the district.

Near an abandoned med-center they had run into a another patrol of the council of sevens elite warriors: Enforcers.

This time they had armoured support with them, too! A Strider moved along the narrow streets and supported the other warriors with this sheer presence and a menacing big gun.

The Orx tried to avoid his devastating weaponry and tried to split up. Unfortunately they were not able to neutralise the Enforcers sniper, before he could take care of both Goblins first!

Outflanked and under heavy fire, the Marauder strike team tried to concentrate on the central objectives, their smoke grenades providing much need cover for their approach.

The Enforcers secured two objectives early. With the Orx struggling to get a hold on the battlefield. A firefight at shortest range erupted, before it all came to a near standstill. The natural defence abilities of the Orx to shrug off wounds against the superhuman condition and enhanced armour of the Enforcers.

Then some lucky shot hit and the Enforcers were decimated. Keeping the Stuntbot occupied, the Enforcers made some desperate decisions.

Like lobbing a Frag grenade into a close combat between two Orx and their leader!

The Grenade exploded right between the legs of the Enforcer Sergeant, blowing him right off the top of the building! Both Orx have been blown off, too but suffered only some scratches, while the Sergeant went off all the way down and his neck ended in a unnatural angle.

With their leader gone, the Enforcers lost some ground, still fighting and trying, they had to retreat, too.


Marauders WIN


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