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AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Unvollkommen vs Philipp

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Sascha Stand
Sascha Stand
Passionate gamer from Germany.




Drop in 3… 2… 1…

The Marauders strike team deployed quickly in the destroyed outskirts of the city. Starfall – they had just set foot on this forsaken planet, through the blockade of Enforcer ships, they had sneaked their way on the surface, driven by their own agenda.

They would have to move through this area, to get to the Command Post Delta. So far they did not encounter any other faction. The ruined surroundings had been damaged in the fights before the Containment Protocol had been forced on the planet.

The sniper scouting ahead checked the area at higher ground with their scopes; keeping an eye out for any enemy contacts. And they did not have to wait long. An Enforcer patrol searched through this area, too.

Their strike team was made up of the scouts in their light armour, some regular ones, a D.O.G. drone and… a hulking Peacekeeper!

The sniper on an elevated position reacted first; firing his heavy rifle at the behemoth – his shot ranginng out through the ruins.

But with no effect. The armour took the hit and the Enforcers reacted quickly and effective. Only the solid walls and grates keeped the Orx from being shot to pieces.

Covering their advance by smoke, the Marauders strike team advanced. Their TAG moved through the maze of rubble and destroyed walls into position to thread any Enforcer movements.

The Enforcers had taken already some heavy casualties. Their own firing lanes blocked by either smoke, or walls.

The Enforcer in Peacekeeper armour advanced further, taking hits, but no damage so far. The small arms and rifles not been able to penetrate the mastercrafted Forge Father designed armour.

The Stuntbot prepared to make his move, covered in billowing smoke, to bring the big guy down. Their mission almost completed, they had to deal with this behemoth.

With steaming pistons in his legs he charged in the waiting Captain.

Energyblade met buzsaw, when the two giants clashed. The Stuntbot taking a direct hit to his hull, while swinging around with his only arm – bringing the buzzing saw around in a wide arc.

When the swirling blades connected with the heavy armour of the Peacekeeper, they screached out loud, been deflected at first, then they found a hold in between some plates and started their bloody work.

In a matter of seconds the Enforcer Captain was done and the Enforcers had to retreat.


Marauders WIN


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