Following a new lead (Project P- 8)

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts



Forge Fathers

This was my eighth Deadzone game and my third with my Enforcer Pathfinders.

We played yet another game Forge Fathers versus Enforcer Pathfinders. It was the first time we tried 150 points.

This time the Star Realm wanted to strengthen their hold of Devil’s Run, so they sent following troops to accomplish the task:
A Steel Warrior Huscarl with Smoke Grenade, two Steel Warriors, one Thorgarim, one Stormrage Veteran John Woo Style (Twin Hailstorm Pistols) and a Forge Guard with Hailstorm Autocannon.
They met a force composed of following Enforcer troops there. But these troops had aonther agenda then to occupy the area.
A Pathfinder Sergeant, three Pathfinders (one with Holo-Sight, one with Frag Grenade), a D.O.G. Drone, a Pathfinder Specialist with Sniper Rifle and Ammo and one Enforcer Jet Bike with a Burst Laser.

We played the Mission Scour 2.0 and rolled ‘Driving Rain’ (-1 to Shoot tests if the target is in Range 4 or further away) for the Environmental Hazards Rules.

My high Recon gave me as usual a advantage in the first round. I almost surrounded the opposing force even before the game started.
The first round was extremely bloody as it saw the death of both Pathfinders that were equipped with items at the start of the game as well as my D.O.G. Drone, the Thorgarim and one Steel Warrior. But it was also the round were my Sergeant found both Intel counters in one cube (my opponent was so pissed :-D ).
In the second turn both Leaders died and the troops got interwoven.
Then I made a mistake and gathered two of my remaining troops on the same rooftop. That got them both pinned and a little later locked in close combat. But my opponent had to use ALL his remaining forces to get rid of my sniper. My Jet Bike escaped that death trap only to get shot down one round later after a lengthy firefight (two shoot actions did nothing to it, a third just killed it outright).
My last man standing got killed by the Forge Guard which ran across the whole battlefield to get to him.

The game ended 15-11 for the Forge Fathers.

We had not a single ‘normal’ dice roll in this game. Every roll was extreme overkill or just nothing. And our rolls always paired together, so if one of us rolled a very good shoot attack then the other had one or even none successes with his 4+ survive roll!

[If you want to know more about the (Project P – n) in the title please take a look at the (Project P – 6) battlereport.]

Recipient: Council of Seven – Member Seven
Author: Forward Observer Lorvon Kartwill (ID designate RJ26-11-83)
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall” (exact position: undisclosed)
Subject: Recovering of Data Pack “Project P”
Status: active


we followed another lead to a small town, known as Devil’s Run.
There my troops encountered forces of the Star Realm again. They immediately attacked them but sustained heavier losses than they could inflict to the dwarves within moments.
After this first firefight the Sergeant of my Strike Team was able to gather valuable intel about the “Project P” Data Pack and send this data directly to me, before destroying every trace of it. He was then attacked and instantly killed. Since he was shred to pieces by an overeager dwarf, we are the only ones with knowledge of this intel.
The rest of our troops got killed or captured afterwards, but not before they were able to take care of the enemy leader.

You do not need to worry about the information the captured soldiers could disclose.
All members of my Strike Team were provided with ‘Soylent Brown’ as rations. The moment the enemy realises what the main component of this nourishment is, the overeager dwarf I mentioned before will take care of this problem for us.

I will let you know as soon as I have new information regarding your Data Pack.


Forge Fathers WIN


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