For the clans – Forge Fathers in despair

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Unvollkommen vs Tobias

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Sascha Stand
Sascha Stand
Passionate gamer from Germany.

Forge Fathers



The Forge Fathers had only hours left. Their ambassador lost in the ruins of an area called “Devils Run” – all contact to either him, his retinue or honour guard been lost.

The dwarves mustered what they could get in time and send them out in a hurry – straight into an ambush from alien monsters. The Nameless waited for them.

With their Iron Ancestor in their ranks, the Forge Fathers advanced. Their shooting lanes blocked by strange smoke and the ruins of the abandoned district.

As they moved in to secured their VIP – the alien creatures made their move, too. Huge, clawed and in natural armour clad creatures charged through the smoke and smashed the small dwarven warriors.

The Fore Fathers fought stubborn and trying to use any edge their technology could give them – but stil they were slaughtered.

+++ My first (intro+) Deadzone game with our 7 years old. We play a lot of different board-, tabletop and deckbuilding games recently and he rolled incredible (again/ like always). He went for the Nameless because of the Miniatures and the combo of telling him, what could be done with his troopers and his own experience added to some lucky dice rolls were a unstoppable force in this game. +++


Nameless WIN


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