For the Prax

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Jeff vs Mitch

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Justin Wichman
Justin Wichman
I started playing in 2017 as Enforcers. I was given a bunch of Asterians and bought some Forge Father's. It's an excellent game and this campaign is amazing!




The Prax ordered this. Our deployment into the cliff faces on the outskirts of Command Post Delta was our first tactical error. Our second was soon to be realized.

We knew the Enforcers were already on site, scouting out the areas at the Command Post Delta and reporting intel back to their superiors.

How fast their scouts were came as a bit of a surprise to us. Nonetheless, we needed to secure this area and begin to restore balance to this section.

They came fast. Their soldiers in the Forge Father armor wielded molecular blades and their leader had trained them to use their jump packs to swiftly advance up the board. The first strike came from the sniper though. Tal’ul was shot down and his brother Tal’un who stood directly behind him moved up and swiftly retaliated. I doubt the human even knew Tal’un was there before his Noh rifle lanced through his upper spine.

We stood our ground, advancing only as the cover allowed us. Soon they would be upon us.

The Prax deemed this necessary. They know best.

The Enforcer that we hadn’t gunned down in the armor hit us hard with his molecular blades. He was our second mistake. We should have directed more Noh energy in his direction. Perhaps that would have restored balance to this fight. He kept coming. We fired down upon him from on high and either the technology of the Forge Fathers or his pure skill kept him alive. Regardless a formidable foe he was. He took two of us down. Our Talon, Sul’roh, continued to engage with him for the remainder of our encounter. Sul’roh will be recommended to the Prax for commendation, his resilience in the onslaught from the Enforcer was worthy to be spoken of for many times.

While we had taken down most of the Council’s elite, they had gathered the intel needed. We hadn’t been aggressive enough when we spotted them. We hadn’t properly estimated our adversary. Our attempt at bringing balance has only brought further chaos. We retreated back into the cliffs.

Enforcers 19 – Asterians 11


Enforcers WIN


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