Fridgid air assault backup

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: Ross Diggle vs Chris Evans

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Ross Diggle
Ross Diggle
Side kick of the illustrious Dr Deadzone.



The Plague

Heron Frozen Foods Corp called in their favour from their CEO who just happens to be a member of the council of seven. Enforcers subservient to Heron Frozen Foods Corp, including the psychotic Sergeant Howlett. Howlett immediately ran forward finding a grenade ready for the on rush.
My those plague victims of Subject 901 are fast. Already they had managed to get into Howlett only for him to wound the victim. An enforcer and sniper proceeded to dispatch both Barky McPlaguewulf and another plague victim.

The specialist fully activated his jump trustee and jumped up on to a vantage balcony he fired his fusion blaster twice blowing plague victims, bursters and plague swarms all over the place. This lead to one of the plague victims turning crazy and trying to kill one of his own bursters. Meanwhile 2 assault enforcers ran to support sergeant Howlett in taking out the plague victim. This freed up Howlett who ran to a computer terminal only to be swamped by both a plague victim and a plague swarm who over powered him.

In revenge the enforcer sergeant and his body guard shot the plague swarm and took it out. A leader decided to try and kill two of the assault enforcer wounding one but in revenge being butchered. Another leaker was set on fire by the incinerator.

The leaker jumped through the flames to throw the incinerator wielding enforcer around like a rag doll. The enforcers left combat to fire at point blank into the leaker, whilst the remaining swarm ran into the assault enforcers to the them up. A bursters charged the sergeant, only to be punched into combat with another enforcer.

A bursters charged into an enforcer and a sniper smashing the snipers head into the other enforcer and causing massive brain trauma. Meanwhile subject 901 was fragged all over the shop and gunned down by enforcers. The plague swarm was shot to ribbons by the enforcer. The remaining bursters charged the sergeant who waited til the last second to uppercut him away from him and unload his pistol into him. The enforcer with the fusion gun fled the last remaining plague victim found a grenade and mic dropped it on to the victim, blowing him off the balcony to fall to his death. This left all of the plague dead. The enforcers called in Heron Frozen Foods Corp to collect the newly obtained food sources. Profit was great but costly here.

Enforcer victory 24 -17


Enforcers WIN


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