green strike

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: Cultistapazzo vs Siponer

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts



Forge Fathers

Dwarfs win recon and start the game
both side on the first turn shoot each others, only marauders advance.
2 stalkers (the 3a guys on the photo :P) make their appearence.

on turn 2 and 3 both factions continue to shoot each others, with some losses from both parts.
the veermyns continue to spawn no the marauder’s side, slowing their advance and killing a commando (!!!)
dwarfs stay on they deployment zone.
objectives are still ignored.

on turn 4 some green guys can reach some dwarfs bringing some disorder on the enemy lines. best was the FF leader is killed by a ripper suit and the 2 dogs pin in melee some dwarf’s shooter.
veermyns spawns in the dwarf’s side, shooting here and there, but nothing happen
an injured stalker spawned in the first turn continue to follow an injured commando, trying to kill him in melee without success.
the bored commando continue to break away, but the rat wanna him dead. no one will kill the other during the game XD

on turn 5 the warlord finish a steel wrr specialist with autocannon and the stuntbot, after fails to kill a steel wrr and a militia in melee, take the 2 vp objectives

veermyns spawns in the face of the commando spec with hmg, but the green hero kill both the rats (one in his activation and the other in the stalker’s activation)

marauders win for 20-12


Marauders WIN


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