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AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Dobby vs Harry the Hazard

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts



Mazon Labs

The Nameless won the Recon roll and sent an Inker off on a flanking move. The Nameless Rifleman drew first blood by moving into cover behind a building and blowing one of the Marines away before the Marine could even move out of his deployment zone. Concentrated return fire from no less than 3 Laser Carbines failed to even disturb the Rifleman. A Scuttler burned a move dice and dived in to cover to claim an objective while the rest of The Nameless spread out. The two Plague Victims dashed forward and parked themselves on an objective while the Marine Specialist moved up behind in support. The Psychotroid stalked forward and Invigorated the Rifleman who immediately fired at a Marine who had taken up an overwatch position on the building opposite and wounded him. Finally the flanking Inker appeared and parked himself on an objective.
Body Count: 1 Urbana Black Wing Marine
Mazon Labs: 2 VP
The Nameless: 4 VP

The Marines and Nameless Rifleman continued to trade fire to no effect, laser and Triclinic shards crossing above the Scuttler holding the objective. The Psychotroid stalks forward and uses its formidable psychic powers to suppress the two Plague Victims and wound one of them. Once they are down the Assassin seizes his chance and dives on to the objective and kills the wounded Plague Victim. A Scuttler jumps down and joins the Assassin but is fended off by the surviving Plague Victim. Getting desperate now, the Marine Specialist fired his Thermal Rifle into the melee and burned the newly arrived Scuttler to cinders. The Mazon Labs Guard Commander heads towards the fight but his pistol fails to make any impression on the Assassin. An Inker squidged forward and used the Nameless splat command dice to move the last Plague victim off of the objective and force a breakaway test. Unsurprisingly at this point the Assassin shredded the unfortunate creature. The turn ends with the Nameless in control of three of the four objectives.
Body Count: Two Plague Victims, One Scuttler
Mazon Labs: 3 VP
Nameless: 11 VP

One of the Marines starts pushing forward to put pressure on the Rifleman and get in a position to assault the Scuttler sat on the objective but fails to hit anything with what he believes might actually be a laser pointer instead of a laser carbine. An Inker moves on to the objective the Assassin won in the last turn which frees up the Assassin to charge the corporation Guard Commander. The poor officer didn’t stand a chance and was neatly sliced in to pieces which gives the Nameless the last VPs needed to claim victory.

Final body count: One Urbana Black Wing Marine, One Guard Commander, Two Plague Victims, One Scuttler
Mazon Labs: 3 VP
Nameless: 13 VP


Nameless WIN


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