Hydras Lair 8/22

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Joseph Russo
Joseph Russo
I’m Joe, events organizer for The Hydra’s Lair tabletop tactical games in Carson City, Nv. If you’re in the area, come on down and look us up!

The Plague


Forge Fathers

“Pathfinder Sergeant Romulus of the Silver Cloud Enterprise reporting. August Twenty third in the year [indecipherable]. My team found a vantage point to track a recently arrived plague lord. Intel suggests them representing the warband known as The Fist of Entropy, sourced from Nexus Psi. We tailed them into some nearby ruins, where we almost lost the trail. With luck, we rediscovered them by the clamor of a firefight.
Their hunters: a band of dwarves calling themselves ‘Jethro and the Boys.’ Reports have them as a team of big game hunters ‘legally visiting’ GCPS space on a trophy mission. If they survive, I might make contact, see what brings them to this hellscape.”

Hey Folks, Joe here, from The Hydras Lair, having just wrapped up Wednesday Night Table Top in Carson City, Nv. Tonight, Matt L came out to join us, and we sat down for a pint and a game. He brought out his Forge Fathers, “Jethro and the Boys” to challenge my Plague.

We set up for 150 points, Matt sported a Steel Huscarl, 2 steel warriors, 2 militia, and 2 stormrage vets with hailstorm autocannons. I brought out a 1A, 3A, Three 3D’s, a specialist 3A with HMG, a teraton, and a pair of mortar teams.

Matt won the recon by 1, and got to peek at an item! He opted to counter-deploy, and I took the first turn.

“I may have just lost my chance to talk with Jethro. The moment they detected each other, a brute of a ghoul with a terrible heavy machine gun, and dropped the huscarl with an impressively accurate salvo. The wind shifted hard against the dwarves, I hope they can recover. They began to mobilize, but it wasn’t fast enough. The sharp hiss of a gcps mortar system rang out, and those rage-fueled corpses retained deadly accuracy. Like the bang of a gong, as the percussion played off the armor of those poor dwarves. Like a cornered animal, one of the steel warriors lashed out, returning fire at that accursed sniper, and with a lucky shot, felled the beast.”

I activated my specialist, spent a bonus die, and found 7 hits against Matt’s Huscarl’s 3. He took a shot at my teraton, but failed to deal damage. I returned fire with my mortar team, killing a stormrage vet, then spent a shoot die to hit his other vet and a steel warrior. The warrior was unharmed, but the vet, undamaged, was thrown into a wall, to his death. After this, Matt activated his pinned steel warrior to return fire at my specialist, killing him solidly. I fired the second mortar, killing his militia, and returning play to me, so I advanced my melee units, spending a move die on the teraton to seize both 2 point objectives.

End of Round
Jethro’s Boys: 1 Point
FoE: 14 Points

“Jethro’s Boys could have fled there. Their futures were bleak. Both remaining steel warriors put shot after shot into the teraton, but they just couldn’t line up a steady shot. After their futile bulletstorm, the hissing came back, a mortar shell, knocking them off their feet. A second shell blasted their militia support out of his “safe” house, tumbling him into the dirt, right in the path of the teraton. He rose, desperate to fell the monster, but his nerve broke, and his shot failed to connect. A second mortar shell struck before he knew what hit him. Finally, the infected alien closed in on the last two dwarves, his wicked claws a can opener on the dwarf armor.”

Matt started with his steel warrior, but only found one success on my Teraton. He used a bonus activation to try again, with equal results. I softened him up with a mortar team, then used a bonus shoot die to hit his militia. Didn’t kill any, but the militia took a point of damage. He tried once more to take out the teraton, but found that all his luck had left him. My second mortar team finished off the militia, then my teraton killed his steel warrior with 7-3 successes in the fist fight.

I wrapped up the round taking 3 objectives (2,2,1).

End of round:
Jethro’s Boys: 1
FoE: 22


“The Plague, by some miracle, didn’t disturb the dying dwarves. They returned to some key spots in the ruins. Are they looking for something? What is the purpose behind this place? I was about to mobilize my men to attempt to sneak in and rescue the dwarves, when the last man standing pulled Jethro to his feet, and the rest followed slowly. Those tough little ankle biters, they may have lost the day, but I wouldn’t count them out just yet.

Whatever brought this Plaguelord from Nexus Psi, on the other hand… I’m getting chills just thinking about it. Time to get this report back to hq- signing off!”

Thanks again to Matt for joining us for the summer campaign, thanks to all of you for reading, thanks to everyone else who came out tonight.

Joe R


The Plague WIN


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