Hydra’s Lair 8/25 part 1

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Joseph Russo
Joseph Russo
I’m Joe, events organizer for The Hydra’s Lair tabletop tactical games in Carson City, Nv. If you’re in the area, come on down and look us up!

Mazon Labs


Forge Fathers

“Security Chief Ajax accident/incident report. Silvercloud R&D Lab Perimeter was breached by a group of Forge Fathers from ST Tungsten. Doubt they knew they had stumbled into hostile territory. As much as I’d have preferred to let them be, they were too close to our back up communications relay. I readied a small team, but as we were about to leave, Doctor Kharon insisted I ‘bring his ‘new pet.’’ I was hesitant, but not about to question the good Doctor’s orders. (In the future, I’ll request not including my men in his field tests.) We went top side, and readied to take out the dwarves.”

Hey Folks, Joe here, from The Hydras Lair, having just wrapped up Saturday Morning Table Top in Carson City, Nv. Today, Matt A came out to join us, and we sat down for a game. He brought out his Forge Fathers, “Strike Team Tungsten” to challenge my Mazon Labs proxy “Silvercloud Industrial Research and Development.”

We set up for Patrol 2.0 at 100 points, Matt wanted to try out Bjarn Starnafall with a Hammerfist and Two steel warriors with smoke grenades on Bjarn and Steel warrior number 1. I brought out a Guard Commander Graves with a laser carbine, two Security Guards, a Ranger, and an Aberration Specimen.

I won the recon by 3, and got an item peak, and two “move three models without activating them.”

Note: proxy models were used. Hammerfists were represented by Ork Nobs, security guards are orange guardsmen, the ranger is a blue guardsmen, and Graves is the green guardsmen.

“Only two dwarves were present to start. My team was more than equipped to take care of them. I sent the experiment to cover the western relay and hopefully scare them off, but they not only held their ground, they started advancing, and called in air support! A hammerfist suit, likely their leader, dropped right into the middle of my men with a fierce explosion. The man he landed on shrugged it off, but the other was thrown back, albeit safely. The boys rounded and started pumping fire into him, but barely managed to draw blood. The dwarf riflemen took high ground to shoot down the experiment, but couldn’t pierce its thick hide. When the second hammerfist hit, it caused no more damage than the first, but this firefight was about to become a melee.”

I had the first move, but since his steel warriors were behind thick cover, I sent my aberration to sit on an objective, and draw fire. Matt put a steel warrior on the roof of a building and fire at the aberration, then called in Bjarn with a splat. It failed to kill the Security Guard, and in the ensuing fight, Bjarn took a wound. My security guard responded by breaking away and getting a clear shot on Bjarn, for no damage, followed by my ranger (with an activation die) who also had a clear shot for no damage. Matt activated his second steel warrior to repeat the first one, with the same lack of results. I activated Graves, who dealt a wound to the hammerfist.

At the end of the round, I held both 2 point objectives.

End of Round 1:
ST Tungsten: 0

“Things began to look grim. Two huge suits of the finest Forge Father armor had broken our line, and my men were scrambling. I looked to the experiment for aid, and found him taking a nap on the comms relay! Useless beast! I took a moment to plan, but it was a second too long as their leader gunned down one of my guards and my ranger in a quick burst, then ducked into a ruined cafe. My last man, possibly out of panic, took his suppresive snap shot, a trick from my playbook, followed by an aimed killshot at the unwounded dwarf, piercing the helmet, and laying him out for the crows. The blasted riflemen tried again unsuccessfully to shoot the sleeping experiment, but they just couldn’t hit home. I rounded the corner and fired a quick burst at them, but couldn’t get a clean shot. If we can hold on long enough, Seargent Romulus’ scout team should arrive and stomp on these pesky runts.”

Matt activated Bjarn, and thanks to a shoot die, quickly killed my ranger and a security guard, and ducked him into a building, successfully hiding him. I returned fire with my other guard, used a splat for a free fire for effect, but missed. I then used a bonus die on the live shot, and Matt wiffed his survival roll, killing the hammerfist, and sat on the objective, repositioning to hinder any possible shots from Matt. He tried again unsuccessfully to shoot the aberration, and I returned fire with Graves. No damage. His second steel warrior didn’t do any better. My Aberration camped on the objective.

End of Round:
St Tungsten: 3
SCRD: 10

“I was too quick for them this time. My guard dashed around the cafe, and at my order, put a quick shot at the huscarl, incapacitating him. Before I could even lift my gun, the other two dwarves had turned and fled. I tied up the leader, and dragged him back here for questioning, while the experiment carried my injured men down to Doctor Kharon for treatment. End of Incident.”

I started by activating my security guard, dashing, and used a shoot die with a bonus die, clear shot, and ammo, to take out Bjarn. Matt realized there was no possible victory, and conceded the game.

Final Score:
ST Tungsten: 3
SCRD: 13

Thanks again to Matt for joining us for the summer campaign, thanks to all of you for reading, and thanks to everyone else who came out today!



Mazon Labs WIN


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