Hydra’s Lair 8/25 part 2

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Joseph Russo
Joseph Russo
I’m Joe, events organizer for The Hydra’s Lair tabletop tactical games in Carson City, Nv. If you’re in the area, come on down and look us up!

The Plague


Forge Fathers

“Pathfinder Sergeant Romulus of the Silver Cloud Enterprise reporting. August Twenty third in the year [indecipherable]. My team is holed up in an abandoned warehouse, as we continue to survey the progress of the PlagueLord. Intel suggests them representing the warband known as The Fist of Entropy, sourced from Nexus Psi. Not days ago, their erratic movements proved too much for a hunting party of Forge Fathers, and again, we have eyes on them making contact with a second group. I recognize this troupe as Strike Team Iron. If my orders weren’t so clear, I would give them some assistance, or at least a warning.”

Hey Folks, Joe here, from The Hydras Lair, having just wrapped up Saturday Morning Table Top in Carson City, Nv. Today, Matt A came out to join us, and we sat down for a second game. He brought out his Forge Fathers, “Strike Team Iron” to challenge my Plague, “Fist of Entropy.”

We set up for Patrol 2.0 at 100 points. Matt ran a Thorgarim Huscarl and three Brokkr with Heat Hammers. I ran my Lord, a 3a, a 3d, a Teraton, and a mortar team.

Matt won recon by 4! He removed an item, looked at 3 more, got 3 bonus moves, and a flanking move. He set his Huscarl in flank, and deployed first.

Note: Proxy models were used. The Thorgarim is represented by the Ork nob, the Brokkr are represented by steel warriors.

“The Dwarves didn’t lack in bravery, but they clearly weren’t ready for mortars. They rushed forward, as a team, hammers at the ready. The first shell left one man conscious. The second blasted him right in front of the deformed hellhound. Bloody and disoriented, he stood up, shook off the shell shock, and held the dog in a bloody stalemate. I was sure we’d been compromised, as the teraton appeared on the balcony right outside our window, apparently completely ignoring the battle on the streets below. We hid quickly, looks like we made it. The Lord and the ghoul advanced up the street towards that lonely Brokkr.”

Matt sprinted two brokkr with an activation die to start things off, clinging heavily to solid cover. I teleported my teraton to the objective on the third story balcony. Matt had his third Brokkr join the other two (he explained later, he forgot how mortars could hit everyone in the square) and I dropped a mortar shell on them. With 4 successes, his Brokkr had a rough time, two dieing straight away, the third taking a wound. I used a shoot die to drop another, which scattered him into the open but dealt no damage. My 3a lined up a clear shot (7 dice after all modifiers, including ammo) but got only 1 success. So I charged with my 3d, but matched results to draw. The Lord got a move die, and got to move a second square. Go Tortoise!

Matt’s Thorgarim finished his flanking maneuver, and came in near the Brokkr/3d fight.

End of Round 1
ST Iron: 0
FoE: 6

“When things looked the worst, the Thorgarim showed up from nowhere, and smashed the hellhound into pulp. It was glorious. But the glory faded, as a mortar hit not a second later, killing the Brokkr and knocking the Huscarl to the dirt, right in front of the PlagueLord. The ghoul went through the motions of shooting, he was less accurate than before. But that great monster of a lord came rushing up, faster than it rightly should have, and began tearing into the Huscarl. At this point, the teraton was too close for comfort, and none of us could watch the beast play with his prey any longer. Under the blood-curdling screams of a dwarf having his arms pulled off, we slipped out the back door. Missions like these make me want to retire early.”

Matt charged his Thorgarim Huscarl into to make cat food of my hellhound, but my mortar paid him back. It threw him two blocks away from my 1A, and if you’ve ever seen one of them in close combat, they do the heavy lifting. I gave him frenzy with the splat, and ended up with 7 successes to 2.

Final Score
ST Iron: 1
FoE: 14

Thanks again to Matt for joining us for the summer campaign, thanks to all of you for reading, and thanks to everyone else who came out today!



The Plague WIN


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