Ill Met by Starlight

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts



The Plague

Turn 1

Darkness descended as Vex led her rag-tag team of rebels through the ruined outskirts of Outpost Delta. Fierce shelling had torn the prefabricated buildings apart, flames still burning here and there, but now all was silent except for the whisper of the chill night wind and the crackling of fires.

Suddenly Vex was aware of movement ahead of her. She ducked down into the shadows, motioning her team to do likewise. She edged forward cautiously to observe the space between two ruined buildings ahead of her. Then she saw it, a man, or what had once been a man: horribly disfigured by the Plague it gesticulated toward other creatures unseen in the ruins around; it seemed to be the leader of pack of plague foot soldiers. Suddenly it turned towards her, its eyes glinting in the light of the still-burning ruins. Vex hissed between her teeth and raised her long rifle, gently pulling the trigger.

Rebs 4 Plague 0

Turn 2

Vex watched as the figure crumpled into the darkness, but any satisfaction was cut short as high-pitched howls filled the air from all around her. Vex scrambled back towards her team, but suddenly the bark of a heavy machine gun filled the air, bullets peppering the ground around her. She cried out as a bullet slammed into her shoulder, spinning her to the floor.

The plague response had been swift. While the HMG subdued Vex, a grenade launcher arched its deadly payload into the midst of her team, throwing them about like rag-dolls. Unnaturally quick, plague troopers charged at Vex, lying wounded on the ground, overwhelming her. Dazed, the remaining Rebels returned fire, cutting down several of the plague troopers.

Rebs 7 Plague 4

Turns 3 & 4

Though Vex was out of the fight and grenades still rained down on them, the remaining rebels kept calm and started to fan out. Covered by a hulking rebel Grogan with an Onslaught Cannon, they began to take control of the battlefield. It was clear now that that there were few enemy left, and those remaining had no intention of sticking around.

The Rebels had won the skirmish, but at a high price; they turned to look for their fallen leader.

Final Score: Rebs 12 Plague 7


Rebs WIN


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