In The Ruins of Delta

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: James Dunbar vs Cailean Dunbar

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

James Dunbar
James Dunbar
Commander of the N17 "Renegades", ready to enforce the council's will on Starfall. Blog:



Forge Fathers

“Pastor to Overwatch, come in.”

The pathfinder sergeant waited patiently for a response, hunkered down against a broken section of pre-fab wall. The members of her squad were similarly sheltered, taking advantage of the brief rest. Only the D.O.G. Drone, designation “GJ4CC”, stood out in the open, its various sensory units continuously feeding data to the other soldiers’ heads-up-display.

“This is Overwatch, go ahead Sergeant.”

“We have a confirmed Forge Father sighting in our area. Looks to be members of the Azure Sons. Requesting authorization to engage.”

A pause. “Acknowledged. You are green to engage. Be careful, Sergeant, captain Michel is currently occupied with the orc forces in the outskirts. You’re on own out there.”

She smiled. Just how she liked it. “Understood. Pastor out.” She switched to the squad channel. “Ready up.”

The squad pushed forward rapidly into the ruins of Command Post Delta. Pathfinder specialist Kuang hefted his sniper rifle in one hand as he deftly scaled up a level. Spotting movement, he snapped off a shot. Before he could assess whether his shot had found success, he saw the hulking frame of a Forge Guard hauling itself up a level.

He just had time to register the Hailstorm Autocannon before it opened fire, raking across the enforcer position. Kuang instinctively dropped back down behind the pre-fab, laying flat on the ground as the weapon tore fist sized holes in the ruined building. To his right he heard O’Maoláin yell out briefly, and a quick looked revealed that the enforcer specialist had received a glancing shot from the spray.

Kuang clicked on his communicator. “Forge Guard gunner, 11 o’clock, 1st floor!”

O’Maoláin heard the message just as his metabolism finished numbing the pain in his side. He quickly dialed in the range on his scope, paused a beat, then leaned around the corner.


There was a clang of metal colliding as the Forge Guard fell backwards, a smoking hole in its chest.

From behind his forward position Pathfinder Stern watched the walking tank fall. He trained his scope on the building, scanning for more targets to tag.

Suddenly, he heard a noise from behind him. Spinning around, he saw a Steel Warrior approaching, his Hailstorm rifle raised. Stern tried to bring his own rifle to bear, but knew he was too late. There was a burst of muzzle flare, a flash of pain, and then, nothing.


It was almost over now, and Task Force N17 was once again victorious. The last of the Azure Sons refused to give in, however, and the squad was sent for cover by the rolling thunder of a Hailstorm autopistol. Activating his jump pack, O’Maoláin scaled the building and scanned the streets below. Identifying the furious dwarf as a Huscarl, the enforcer took careful aim, squeezed, and silenced the thunder.

The N17 ‘Renegades’ had arrived on Starfall.


Enforcers WIN


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