Incident at Landing Pad J-220

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: Ben Wright vs Ian Davies

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts




Ranger Lillhult of I.K.E.A. Company “204th Falcons” dropped quickly onto a tower and was pulverised before his Grav Chute had even switched off. Arrogantly, The Fear strode out to survey Landing Pad J-220 and in turn was introduced to the business end of Strider Sammanhang-5’s Heavy Burst Laser. Fish food was on the menu! Battle was joined…

The GCPS stalled, foolishly, whilst the Corporation counted the cost. A Caratid sneaked in and went crazy, attacking the Major-General, and it was a while before this particular prawn was thrown away like so much rotted salmon in a Norwegian Fjord. The damage had been done.

With Stalkers erupting out of every orifice, the landing pad swarmed with ink clouds and brutish Ogres. The Rifleman who had tried to lay down covering fire was being blown everywhere by the masses of Drone Strikes called in by I.K.E.A. Corp’s reserve division (“Ammero 175”)… The GCPS beat a hasty retreat to report back to Head Office that middle management can’t be trusted. A couple of marines went missing… possibly to join a different cause beneath a blood-soaked banner of discontent. A silent, watchful Yndij slinked away in the shadows… Landing Pad J-220’s secrets were hidden. For now.


Nameless WIN


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