Inhabitant Block C

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Justin vs Travis

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Justin Wichman
Justin Wichman
I started playing in 2017 as Enforcers. I was given a bunch of Asterians and bought some Forge Father's. It's an excellent game and this campaign is amazing!



The Plague

Author: Commander Justin “Rusty” Dubs
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall” – Command Post Delta – Central Inhabitant Block C
Objective: Patrol Sector and Confirm Plague Presence

Captain Kerensky,
GCPS operatives have been holding Command Post Delta as a stronghold on Planet XH8-211 codename “Starfall”. We have reason to believe there have been additional outbreaks beyond the original intelligence that lead to the containment protocol. While we have a few sectors that require your skillset your current priority target is the Central Inhabitant Block C at Command Post Delta. Coordinates will be uploaded to your interceptor shortly.
Assets are few Captain. I trust that you will take care of your team. Please note that Central Inhabitant Block C is centrally located and outside the areas patrolled by the GCPS. Reinforcements are not an option. Keep your interceptor on Status: Overwatch Recall should your team meet unexpected levels of resistance.
Please assemble your strike team and deploy at 0400 tomorrow morning and report back with any intel you and your team acquire.

Captain Kerensky’s Log 2018.
Deployment into the Deadzone via interceptor transport begins in roughly 8 hours. The Council’s intel on this mission is vague. What does “additional outbreaks” and “unexpected levels of resistance” mean? And my skillset? My team has nicknamed me “Un-Killable Kerensky”, is that what their referring to? Just what is my team going to deal with down there?
Considering the Council’s lack of clarity on the scope and breadth of the threats down there I’m issuing half of my team the armor we call “Peacekeeper Armor”. The other half of my team is going to remain as agile and fast moving as possible. Pathfinders and Peacekeepers are a strange combination for a known Deadzone.
Captain Kerensky’s Log 2018.
We’ve touched base in Central Inhabitant Block C of Command Post Delta. My pathfinders are scouting ahead. Thermal readings show massive blocks of heat coming from some of the distant storehouses. Nothing on visual scanners yet. Mickels, Avison, Jones and Warren are scouting ahead. They volunteered to pack light and be our taggers. Catlow of course chose the heavy burst laser and shield, Bucherri picked up a shield and Dewitte just suited up with the double-barrel.


“Kerensky, this is Jones. Contact on the northwest side. Those thermal readings sir? We have an enormous mass of dogs and 3Z’s. They’re huddled outside that distant warehouse and shambling our direction.”
“Catlow. Do you read?”
“Load and clear boss.”
“Do you have visual on the Plague dogs and 3Z’s”
“Yes sir. They’re moving right into the open”
“Engage suppressive fire on my mark. All teams engage on my mark… Warren?”
“Upload findings to HQ. Tell them we have a Plague infestation at our coordinates.

“It’s finished boss. Comms show that the data was received.”
“All teams are a go. ENGAGE! ENGAGE!”

“Filthy plague. He he. Dogs and Z’s suppressed. Jones move into position.”
“Cap, tag rifles are proving ineffective. Avison and I are giving this thing all we got and it won’t go down”
“Let me pin that hunk of bone”


“He’s down, he’s down”
“Pressing forward to the 1A.

“Jones, Jones. Get out of there! There’s too many. My laser is overheating, I can’t keep them off you”

…grunt… muffled barking…

…huff…. “Damned dog. Ripped my favorite holster. Falling back to deployment zone. In need of med assist”
“Coming to you Jones”

“Holy hell… they’re everywhere…”
“You been listening? Fall back! I can’t hold them off any longer”
“All teams fire on the horde. Bucherri. Catlow. Either of you wanting to deal with our big friend?”
“Already on my way”

“For the COUNCIL!!!”

“Avison. Mickels. Keep those damned Z’s off Bucherri.”
“Catlow. We need suppressive fire out here. Their flanking us”
“Bucherri, hang in there!”

“This hunk of puss-bone can’t breach my shield. Should have brought my wrist-blade though. This gauntlet is worthless”

“They’re on top of us. They’re everywhere”

“You heard him Avison, fall back!”
“Falling back to assist”

“…ugh… I’m hit…”

“…*cough*… Kerensky….kill that puss-bone for me, will ya?”

“Bucherri’s down. Stage 1A is mobile”

“Not for long. Suppressive fire incoming>
“West flank secured. We’re locked down over here. Jones and Warren need assistance fast.”
“Open fire on the Stage 1A”

“We don’t have the fire power to take that thing down. It hasn’t taken a scratch”

“Fall back men”
“What about Bucherri’s body?”
“We’ll be back for it”


Enforcers WIN


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