Into the Dark with Fire and Scope

AT Mazon Compound


LOCATION : Mazon Compound
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Scatter | GAME SIZE: 150pts



Mazon Labs

“Sarah, incoming reds.”
She almost jumped at this, the atmosphere in here was too creepy for sudden bursts of speech. Turning to the corporal the feeling was intensified by the broken tanks behind him. How could humans do such things?
“Thank you McKensky, and start using their name. They are called Chem-Pan-Sey.”
“Will try Mam.”
She nodded him away as the largest of the aliens she had seen so far rounded the corner. He was over 2 metres tall and looked like a walking tank, his armour was scorched and Sarah could see scratches and cuts all over it. He definitely had seen fighting. His helmet broke open sideways as he approached her.
“Commander Shizuka?”
She crossed her arms before her chest and struck it, in the now familiar salute. He returned the gesture unmoved.
“Yes, I am.”
“Good, Naratoth, we secured a forward position deep in the operations place. Some of your men are holding it now.”
“Glad to hear it. I don´t see Nekejat, wasn´t he leading this sector?”
“He joined our memory. Let me report.”
/ – So the next game, my Enforcer Rebels against his Mazon again, we played in the Labs because we found it very fitting. I brought a Sergeant with rifle, 1 Enforcer, 2 Assault Enforcer, 1 Specialist with a Sniper and Ammo, 1 Peacekeeper with Burst Laser and a DOG. He had The Dr., 2 Plague Victims, 1 Security Guard, 2 Specialists with Flamers, 4 Lab Technicians and (my horror) an Aberration. He won Recon and moved the Aberration closer, I didn´t like that.

“We split up to secure the place and soon encountered several enemies, three of them infected, one in a large state – he was priority.”
He seemed very calm about that. Sarah saw the pictures he sent her, it was an Aberration he talked about. She shuddered.
“Nesahit (Sniper) was attacked, he remained calm (Suppressive failed against him) and aimed well putting two shots through the spine of the priority. (Two Shooting actions in a row, the first one with Ammo and an Extra Dice, actually killed the Aberration – I was relieved and stunned, that had been bad dice on his part) It shrivelled and a small infected crawled out from the inside (New Victim thanks to Splash!), we took position and suppressed several of them Herga – ze (DOG) killed one of their Techs.” He seemed to have problems with the word. “as did Nemit (Assault Enforcer), before they swarmed the area, taking good positions for a counterstrike.”
Rebs 6 to Mazon 3 after the first round, and the Aberration gone, it looked good for me

“Nesahit killed one of their fire soldiers, but their leader evaded the shot at him somehow. He then set the Herga – ze and Nelot (Assault Enforcer) on fire. The other fire soldier survived my barrage and ignited me after a grenade pushed me close to the edge of the high ground, Nemit was thrown down. Their infected attacked Nelakit (Enforcer), who held his ground and our forward Nekejat, who was wounded. The infected are dangerous you should apply caution.”
‘Yeah, don´t say.’ But Sarah did not voice that sentiment.
“Nelot ran from the fire and killed the infected on his flank, freeing Nelakit to get closer to the centre. The Herga – ze, sprinted forward and put shot down their leader with a close quarter barrage.”
Rebs 11 to Mazon 5 after round two

“Once more the enemy with a rifle (Security Guard) tried to supress Nesahit and failed, he retaliated and the man was dead. I jumped from the building and assisted our forward. I crushed the skull of the infected on the wall. Within a few seconds it sprouted a new head. The enemy fire soldier sprayed us again, Nekejat was firmly hit and died. Also Nemit was attacked by another infected and also killed. The Herga –ze was charged by a Tech to no avail.”
Rebs 12 to Mazon 11, Losing two models did hurt me good and brought him back, also his constantly respawning Plague Victims kept him afloat.

“It was time to end this. I stepped away from the infected and shot it through the head, dropping it instantly. Nelot killed the Tech at the Herga – ze, who turned into another infected. Then the fire soldier sprayed all three with flames, destroying the Herga – ze. Nesahit wounded the fire soldier in return. He had been shot several times and was still standing, impressive skill. Still he and the last tech decided to fall back and leave the field to us. The last infected was dispatched.”
(Rebs 17 – Mazon 14 at the end, it was closer than we both thought at the beginning.)

“There are more infected, our First prepares an assault on them, we will move soon.”
“Thank you Naratoth, for your fight and your report.”
He saluted and left.
The small Zee crawled onto her shoulder.
“Having you hiding there was pretty uncomfortable.”
“Sorry, they just scare me.”
“Yeah, I know. Go find McKensky, we have to move out soon. I want these labs behind us sooner than later.”  


Rebs WIN


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